Cheap electric cars

Cheap electric cars are hard to come by. Here’s why. First, it’s the batteries. Storage batteries are still expensive, around $ 900 per kWh for newer lithium batteries. A gallon of gasoline has the energy equivalent of about 36 kWh. Therefore, storing the energy in a US gallon of gasoline in a modern battery pack will cost you approximately $ […]

Why you should invest in a creative design agency

For a company or a brand to score in the market, a good marketing strategy is required. You must have all the necessary elements for your business to thrive in a competitive market. A creative agency gives you all kinds of help to promote your business efficiently. Includes design, advertising, digital services, problem solving, etc. If your business regularly faces […]

How to form your own limited liability cooperation?

Here are some simple steps to follow to form your own Limited Liability Corporation (LLC): Choose and reserve a corporate name that does not violate another company’s trademarks. You cannot use a corporate name that sounds or spells similar to an existing business. Check with your local secretary of state or the Department of Commerce or the Commissioner of Corporations […]

Siberian cats: the myth of the allergy-free cat

Siberian cats have been termed hypoallergenic. For me this is true. The definition of hypoallergenic is lower in allergens, not allergy free. Each and every cat is different, as is every single person. We have 5 breeding cats here at Kings Choice Siberians and one neutered plus kittens from time to time. I am very allergic (urticaria, asthma, allergy, etc.) […]