Web design and SEO for a website

Basic SEO for web design Taking all the steps necessary to optimize a website for the best possible search engine ranking can be difficult. All it takes is a little dedication and knowing how to make sure people can find your website. We know all the ins and outs of SEO and we love to share our knowledge. Web crawlers […]

Pre-reading skills

Many of your child’s early reading skills come naturally during childhood as you read and talk to him. By doing this, you have instilled essential skills that will help them develop pre-reading skills. When your child has reached preschool age, he will be ready for preschool reading. Pre-reading skills for preschoolers are what your child needs to become a reader. […]

Lose weight while you sleep

Lose Weight While You Sleep – Wow! I have many clients who constantly ask me how to lose weight, but very rarely do people consider the fact that you can increase your metabolism while you sleep. I think this is because most people associate fat loss with hard work and high intensity exercise. This is definitely true, there are no […]

5 Ways To Pay For Your Bar Exam Prep Course!

As most of you know … I am a recent graduate and of course I am studying for my bar exam this summer. I was fortunate to receive a full scholarship to take a BarBri course offered through my state’s “Lawyer Review School”. Now, I was surprised to learn that when I mentioned this on Twitter, many students were unaware […]

Friendship pact

Are there times when you are not sure if your friends will still be your friends? Do you have understanding between your friends when the going gets tough? Most of us don’t make deals with our friends. We always think that everything will be fine and we don’t have to think about contingencies. But things happen that we don’t expect […]

There is no such thing as Golden Labrador Retriever dogs

Believe me or not, that’s the plain truth. According to the various Labrador breed associations and national kennel clubs, Labs come in only three recognized colors, and gold is not one of them. However, if you are looking for dog kennel advertisements, you can’t help but notice that there are many advertisements loudly proclaiming that they breed Golden Labrador Retrievers. […]

Wealth Without Risk from Saen Higgins

I don’t know if you’ve heard of Wealth Without Risk, a Saen Higgins program that claims to make its users rich without risk. Saen Higgins has his own infomercial and the product looked like it could really work. I thought this guy was interesting; Whenever I searched for Risk-Free Wealth online, people wrote that Saen Higgins worked. I was still […]

Bad Boy Birmingham Bulls of the WHA 1977-78

The 1977-78 season was the penultimate of the World Hockey Association. The Birmingham Bulls may have been trying to take a page out of the Philadelphia Flyers book from a few years earlier. However, the bullying and harassment from Birmingham did not earn them a championship. The Bulls were led by Ken ‘The Rat’ Linseman, who scored 38 and assisted […]

Christmas in July – Fun Facts and History!

The Australian celebration of ‘Christmas in July’ is somewhat unusual and some even suggest a slightly eccentric festival that now attracts international travelers to the land of Australia. Christmas in July ‘or Yulefest, as it is also known, is believed to have been born by accident on a snowy night in July 1980 at an award-winning’ Mountain Heritage ’boutique hotel […]