Summer camp in Florida

Last summer, my wife and I decided we wanted to spend a couple of weeks on the Florida panhandle camping on the beach. The beaches of the Florida Panhandle are well known for their beautiful white sand beaches and emerald green waters. Ten months in advance we booked a two-week camping vacation starting at Rainbow Springs State Park in Dunnellon […]

5 mobile app development trends for 2016

1. Hybrid apps are all the rage Hybrid apps using technologies like Ionic and HTML5 are gaining ground for the amount of time and cost savings they represent. With Swift 3 and rumors that Android will soon adopt it, opting for JavaScript over Linux, we’re looking for a more integrated platform foundation. Word has spread that Swift 3 will also […]

Why is customer-centric marketing important?

The whole idea behind customer-centric marketing stems from the fact that only customers make money for your business. This is why all marketing, such as product development and content creation, should be focused on them and not somewhere else. To learn how to put customer focus in marketing, it’s important to understand why. They bring all the money to the […]

GRANITE – Past, Present and Future

Granite is an igneous rock, with a crystalline base, hard and tenacious. It can be polished, shaped, cut, and honed to create many useful products. Granite is very durable and suitable for any type of internal structure. It is in great demand in the field of construction, covering a series of uses in shops, buildings and homes. Mica, quartz and […]

Surfing and camping in California

Camping in California only goes with the surf. How else could most surfers afford a weekend in Big Sur? I know I can’t afford a spa. I have camped many times in places where I could surf. Although there weren’t always waves, there was always a fire and some hot dogs. As with any planned vacation, it can be difficult […]

What is a Divaentrepreneur?

So what is a divapreneur anyway? My friend, Leesa Barnes has started a new network on ryze called Divapreneurs At Work located at He asked us to define a divapreneur. Now that I am the prolific article writer that I am, I couldn’t answer this question without writing an article about it. sit back and become rambled! First of […]

How to organize an adult princess party

An adult princess party: we’re not talking about all the Disney princess costumes here (although everyone who arrives dressed as princess Cinderella and dressed as princess Snow White will be admitted) of your friends, dressed in Little Adventures princess costumes also for adults . Think pink? A pink princess party is easy to follow. Pink tiaras and pink martinis should […]