No Butter Fingers Soccer Gloves

Almost every football fan in the United States remembers David Tyree’s amazing catch for the New York Giants, in which he caught the pass between his weak hand and the crown of his helmet. Well, history could have been written differently if that man wasn’t wearing soccer gloves. That’s not to say Tyree isn’t a great football player, he is, […]

Phlegm, Dampness and Chinese Medicine

Internal dampness and phlegm Dampness and phlegm are buildups that occur in the body that can make us feel ‘phlegm’ or just heavy and tired. When our diet is out of sync with our body, our mind is working overtime, or when the weather is very humid, we tend to get swamped with dampness and phlegm. Humidity it is generally […]

A private proxy server for internet privacy

There are those who would say that private proxy server is among the best proxy servers out there to improve your internet security. From the phrase itself, it is a private server, to be used by only one person or a handful of internet users (who might be acting as a single entity). This proxy server is considered to be […]

Bathroom Design – Decorative Colors to Choose

When a homeowner is considering renovating their bathroom, their biggest fear is probably the idea that the renovated bathroom will soon go out of style due to an inappropriate or overzealous color scheme applied to the finishing materials, wall paint, and choice of colors. of the accessory. colors. One only has to look at leftover bathrooms from the 1970s to […]

New auto parts versus used auto parts

If you’ve ever put used auto parts in your vehicle, you may have stood in front of two rusty auto parts trying to remember which one you just bought, because they both look rusty and worn. Certain auto parts are absolutely fine to buy used and in some cases may be your only option. There are a variety of parts […]

Venus in House 2

When the celestial body known as Venus in your chart rests in the second house, it is at home. She is allowed to put her feet up and live like a queen. Well, Venus lives like a queen in every house, but she does it better here. The second house is the house of self-esteem, wealth and the goods that […]

Personal bulletproof vests: a brief guide

Personal security is a big issue these days. Violent crimes, including murder, are often random, and unless one takes the time to prepare, it is more likely that if you stumble across a violent criminal, the result could be fatal. Firearms are more prolific today than ever, even as governments around the world work to contain the epidemic, as it […]