Makeup of a university mascot

As a spectator at a college football game in early September, my eyes roamed the stadium as I walked in to find it packed with fans, coaches, cheerleaders, team players, the marching band, the media, and last but not least, but not least, the school mascot. . I often wonder who is inside that cute (sometimes huge) costume and what […]

Cheap hotels found in Nepal

Nepal is one of the countries in Asia where many tourists would like to see at least once in their life. The famous Mount Everest is seen in Nepal. But in addition to the magnificent view of the country’s nature, it is also rich in history and culture. Visiting Nepal is light on the pocket as there are many hotels […]

How to get started with your new business

So you’ve decided to start a small business and you’re ready to go, but how do you start marketing your new business? Here are some things to consider to get your new business idea off the ground. Sole Trader or Limited Partnership? The first thing to consider is whether you are going to operate as a sole trader or a […]

Kitchen cabinet hardware installation

You must know that installing a kitchen cabinet can be a bit tricky. This may discourage you from moving forward, but rest assured that with some basic information you can complete this task successfully. The first and most important thing to do before you start is the proper measurements. You must make accurate measurements, make sure you put enough time […]

Tally’s Hacking: An Endless Struggle for Tally

India has a list of successful companies to brag about in the software services space. Despite being the world leader in the IT space, we are nowhere near the global giants in the product segment. Many reasons can be cited, including the lack of motivation to replace R&D activities. However, there are few organizations that have walked the road less […]