7 Factors to Evaluate CRM for Financial Services

Before making a decision on which CRM program to choose, you should consider a few factors: 1. 360 degree view of the customer 2. Track buying behavior 3. Smart Marketing/Cross Selling Campaigns 4. Automatic alerts and reminders 5. Collaboration Capabilities 6. Size and scope of your business 7. Integration with other systems 360 degree view of the customer One of […]

Your health in the future

So, are you today??? Or this??? OK! So you’re not 25 anymore (or even close?) So what do you do about it? Sit in your chair and accept that you are getting older? There’s nothing you can do about it anyway (shrug) right? Gold! – Make every day count! Good! – And how the hell do we do that? This […]

Dharma – The Universal Law of Morality

Morality is one of the most important characteristics of the human being. Morality is like autonomous codes of conduct for humanity. No animal, except the human being, follows any morality, since all are governed by their instinct. The greatest achievements of the human race have been to rise above instinct and formulate principles that put the collective good of humanity […]

Sexual Hauntings 4 – Loving Naked Ghosts

It’s not just sex demons like the Incubus and Succubus who have been noted for pouring out their lustful advances on humans. There have also been numerous cases of ghosts and ordinary spirits behaving in similar erotic ways. Many of these loving ghosts have even appeared completely nude to those who have witnessed them. Many nude or semi-nude appearances have […]

Dog behavior and dog training

Buying a dog is not something you should do without thinking or planning. It is important that you research the dogs and get an idea of ​​how they behave. Know that certain dog breeds have a predominant trait that distinguishes them from other dog breeds. Different dogs have different temperaments, and there are dog breeds that lean more towards human […]