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5 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

Winter is not a problem for mother nature. It is simply a time when the earth lies down in fallen leaves or snow and is placed in a dormant state of sleep. It is a time of rest and regeneration before the flurry of activity that spring brings. Winter doesn’t have to be a problem for humans either if they live naturally and incorporate the following points into their lives.

1. Let the light shine

Lack of sunlight is one of the main causes of depressed moods during winter. Since daylight is limited during the winter, we must make the most of what we have available. Open the curtains first thing in the morning and close them just before it gets dark. Try to keep as much light as possible in the house. An old European custom during the winter months, which is especially uplifting, is to have candles lit throughout the house during the day.

2. Get out in the sun

Spending time outdoors will allow you to receive the best light of all, direct sunlight. If it snows where you live better, because the snow reflects and intensifies the light making it brighter than ever. The easiest way to sunbathe in winter is to go for a walk. You don’t have to let cold temperatures get you down. Just dress warm and enjoy the invigoration that only a brisk walk in cold weather can provide.

3. Exercise regularly

Exercise is a great mood lifter, so it’s something we should definitely continue to do during the winter months. Some animals hibernate and become less active during the winter, but humans, like deer, need to keep moving. Being inactive during the winter will only lower your energy levels and increase your inclination to feel depressed. So keep that body moving.

4. Break your state

If you’re feeling down during the winter, deliberately break your blues by getting up and engaging in an uplifting activity. Dance around the living room, go for a walk, or just start singing. Try it! You will be surprised how effective it is in changing your mood.

5. Appreciate winter

The winter season with its darkness and barrenness can be seen as a gloomy time. However, there are characteristics of winter that must be appreciated. Extra night hours can provide us with more opportunities to read, write, and reflect on our lives. It can also give us more time to be with others, or to enjoy those favorite soups and hot drinks that warm the soul. And if you’re lucky enough to get some snow, winter is a time to appreciate the picturesque beauty of the landscape. It is then, by all means, a winter wonderland.

There really is no need to feel sad during the winter. We just need to know how to approach the season in a better way. In a way that will keep us as happy in winter as at any other time of the year.

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