AT&T 2wire 2701HG-B Basic DSL Wireless Gateway Setup

If you are reading this document, you are most likely looking for how you can set up your new AT&T 2-Wire DSL router. Throughout this document, you may be using a 2700HG-B 2-wire wireless router, but this tutorial can even apply to different routers that 2wire provides to AT&T. The first thing to do when setting up your 2-wire DSL router is to plug the DSL filters into all phone jacks where you plan to have a phone. On one of the many DSL filters, it’s best to see a dual filter that reads Phone and DSL/HPNA, on the side that says DSL/HPNA connect a phone line to this port, then connect the other end of the phone line to the phone port on the back of the 2-wire DSL router.

After you have connected the phone line, connect an ethernet cable to port 1 of the router, then connect the other end of the ethernet cable to your PC. After making the connections between your PC and the DSL modem, and the DSL modem and filter. Then you can plug the power adapter into the router, then plug the power adapter into the wall outlet.

Once the 2-Wire DSL Router is powered on, you should see a green light next to Power, Ethernet, and DSL. Once you see these lights turn off on your 2-wire router, the next thing you can do is open an online browser such as Web Explorer. After opening your web browser, you should see a window similar to the one below. Once you see this window, press the button below, which will then prompt you to download the 2wire DSL.exe configuration tool.

Once you have installed the 2-wire DSL configuration tool, the 2-wire gateway authentication screen should open, simply select the Yes button. I recommend setting a password with mixed case, with some numbers for reasons of security. This password will come in handy if you try to modify the settings of your 2-wire router. In order to enter the router sooner or later to change any settings, just type in your Internet browser.

Once you’ve set a password on your router, click the button below to begin registering your 2-wire modem with AT&T. Once you have accepted the agreement with AT&T SBC Yahoo DSL, you must create a username and password on your DSL account. To begin organizing your new personal ID and password, enter your landline phone number that you obtained from AT&T.

After you have created your new username and password, there will be another progress screen, then click the Finish button. Once you’ve completed the steps, shut down your current browser and restart your computer, this may resolve any community issues. After your laptop restarts, open your web browser and browse the web along with your AT&T 2-Wire DSL router.

If you’re busy with port forwarding on your 2-wire router, open a web browser and type in the URL address bar. Once you have clicked the Submit button, a window similar to the one below should appear. The password you just created earlier for your 2-wire router will be the one you use here when you change the settings on your 2-wire DSL router.

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