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Breckenridge Vacation Rentals: First Day of Skiing

Snow is falling outside on this November morning. Five inches so far. We are staying in a vacation rental house just ten minutes from Breckenridge, Colorado. We researched Breckenridge Vacation Rentals on the internet and chose one of the many available houses. To reduce the number found, I put the search term in quotes to get more relevant results. We check listings on three pages on Google, just like looking to buy a house on a real estate site!

It was really interesting to compare the prices of the houses with those of the condos. The condos were great and didn’t always offer everything we were looking for.

We use PayPal to make the reservation so that the online transaction is safe.

Staying in a house instead of a condo or one of the hotels is much more fun. We have a big family and it’s so nice to have access to a real luxury home and not be cramped. There are enough rooms for everyone and it has that homey feel. I researched the comparative cost of houses vs. condos and hotels. Although the house price per night was higher, with more people and the number of bedrooms required, the actual cost per night was much lower when renting a house. Think about it on bedroom nights. A 4-bedroom house that rents for $350 a night is only about $85 a night per bedroom. The condo that rents for $250 with only two bedrooms sounds cheaper, but it’s actually $125 a night!

Watching the snow fall, while smelling the freshly brewed coffee, is one of those experiences that stays with you forever. The children woke up very excited. They’re spending the day at the Breckenridge ski school, which is one of the best in the country. I know by the time we pick them up, we won’t be able to keep up with them on the slopes.

Yesterday we rented skis, poles, boots and helmets at Christy Sports on the Main Street Hyatt. We were able to book them in advance online and the rental house owners got us a special discount. I even got a performance package with the latest ski design!

After hopping on the 4-wheel drive that we also reserved online, we parked in the Beaver Run lot with our rental home’s parking pass. Our parking space was literally 25 feet from the ski slope! We chose to ski down to Maggie’s cable car and dropped the kids off at the ski school.

We were able to get online, it’s not the holiday season yet, and go all the way to the top of the mountain. We ski down and take Briar Rose and Cashier up the lift back to the top at Beaver Run Resort.

After a second run and a hot chocolate stop, we took the Peak 8 Superconnect to the top of the Peak 8 races. Sailing a blue, we went down to the gondola stop to go to the city parking lot for lunch. We grabbed our skis and walked over to the Blue River Bistro for a leisurely lunch. Their Blue River salad and fish and chips are to die for (not to mention the Martini menu).

Fortified, we returned to the gondola and climbed up to take the Super Silla Colorado to the top of the mountain. We skied up to Peak 9 for afternoon runs.

After collecting everyone, we packed our skis for the night and headed home. After a soak in the jacuzzi to relax those sore muscles, we started planning our trip for tomorrow. Breckenridge vacation rentals by owner are a great way to experience a Breckenridge ski trip.

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