iClock: time clock for tracking employee time

Today’s time tracking solutions can boost productivity across the business. Very few offer cost savings while optimizing employee productivity alongside iClock, the newest and most innovative in their web-based time, HR, payroll and benefits tracking product line. iClock extends the general business trend of cost savings from decentralized systems to hosted web-based systems. Far from being a physical clock, iClock […]

Advantages of buying used office furniture

What is the advantage of buying used office furniture? Worth it? Today, with the economic conditions around the world, saving money is on the minds of all companies. The higher the budget that can be capped for non-personnel costs, the more hiring and job creation. Therefore, for this reason alone, the option to buy used office furniture is a worthwhile […]

It is a bullish sign when a company buys its own shares!

Dear Partner-Investor. Shareholders and investors of two blue-chip companies received good news on Monday, July 9, 2007, which has potentially bullish consequences in the long run. First, Johnson & Johnson announced the repurchase of up to $ 10 billion of its common shares. Then, ConocoPhillips announced the buyback of a $ 15 billion share buyback program, representing a $ 13 […]

Better ways to track employee attendance

The promptness of employees when they report to work is crucial to any business. It can hurt your business financially when workers don’t show up for work or take too much time off due to illness. Productivity goes down and owners lose a huge amount of money. There are several ways to ensure that the employee reports to work at […]

How to start a beef jerky business

Starting a beef jerky business can be as easy as preparing jerky in your kitchen and selling it at a local farmers market. But it can also be difficult to find success and make a living from it. Here are some tips to help you see more clearly what to expect … 1. Government Inspection – By law, if you […]

What the heck is a tenant background check and search?

The best way to earn money with your properties is by handing them out for rent. But, in today’s world, crime is at its best and there are several instances of landlords spending sleepless nights for property damage, unpaid rent, and even going through a harrowing experience to evict tenants. The tenant’s background search by landlords or any property management […]

The dangers of insider trading

An insider is one who has information about a company and makes an exchange based on inside information. This undermines people’s faith in the market and hurts investors who don’t have access to the same information. Information is the value of the stock and it is illegal to trade if you have non-public information that affects the price or value […]

Types of reviews for technical writing

Reviewing technical documents? Whether it’s for a class, magazine, or industry publication, the procedure for writing a review is fundamentally similar and we’ve discussed them on this blog several times before (you can do a search if you’re interested). Yes, writing is also best done with review writing software, as we have insisted countless times in the past. I like […]

Genealogy or family history?

Do you know the difference between genealogy and family history? When you are a beginning genealogist; When taking those first steps in researching your ancestry, it can be difficult to tell the difference between them. The terms genealogy and family history refer to two separate but equally significant approaches to exploring your roots. The fundamental difference between the two methods […]