Family Limited Companies in Asset Protection Plans

The Family Limited Partnership can provide a strong layer of defense between your assets and your creditors. Once you’ve established an FLP, creditors pursuing business assets are tough. If a creditor receives a judgment, there is a specific court judgment that must take place to try to receive profit distributions from the partnership. Even if the creditor receives a collection […]

Part-time job: find a job

Cash is a useful thing to have on hand, it allows you to buy a large number of useful assets, such as food and water. Consequently, you most likely have a method to profit in order not to starve while you study. This is where part-time work comes in. You can work around your studies so you can eat, drink, […]

How Does Your Business Ownership Affect Your Workers’ Compensation Insurance Premium?

When you decided to start a business and considered all the options and benefits associated with different types of property, it probably never crossed your mind that your choice could affect the amount of premium you pay for workers’ compensation insurance coverage. Your type of operation and the number of employees not only affect your premium, but ownership of the […]

The Best Place to Find Teufel Speakers India

Teufel Speakers India Teufel is a company in Germany that has been around for many decades. I am sure most people have heard of them but the company has a very large market throughout Europe, America and Asia and also in Australia. The company’s products are known for being some of the best German speakers in the market today and […]

Car valuation

Knowing the value of any item is more important than knowing its price. The value really helps determine and therefore appreciate or depreciate the final price. Being aware of the value of a large investment (one of the largest in your life) such as your car becomes very important. Whether you are looking to sell your old car, trade in […]

5 ways to promote a fitness lifestyle in your workplace

Poor employee health costs American organizations billions of dollars a year. Decreased work productivity due to health-related absenteeism can have a devastating effect on organizational performance. Preventable diseases account for the majority of health care costs today. Fortunately, there is good news too. There are five steps organizations can take to improve the health and fitness of employees, lower the […]

How to Get a White Card in the Construction Industry

White Card in the Construction Industry ‘How to get a white card’ is one of those questions that will never be fully answered but certainly not “impossible” either. The term ‘card’ refers to the identification card issued to all employees in some companies and most government offices that are directly involved in the construction industry. They are also known as […]

The Four Stages of the ‘Shift Curve’ Small Business Owners Need to Know About

The ‘shift curve’ is a useful tool for small businesses to understand the stages of personal transition each employee goes through. Kubler Ross developed this model to explain the grieving process (Shock and Denial, Anger and Fear, Acceptance and Commitment). This model helps small business owners predict how employees will react to change and advises them on how to help […]

Business Writing Tip: Question and Answer Format

Traditionally, business writing uses the format of “one thing after another”, which generally means a simple recitation of the facts, circumstances, or whatever else needs to be said. However, we have other options and some of them may provide more answers or better answers. Consider the question and answer format, for example: Question: What is the question and answer format? […]