Interior design for the kitchen of your home

When thinking about interior design options for your home’s kitchen, it’s important to consider a number of factors. First, when shopping at your local kitchen center, if your budget allows, be sure to consider new technology in appliances, finishes, and materials. Often times, your choices here may cost you more in the short term, but in the long run you […]

The best floors for high traffic areas

The Best Flooring Options for High-Traffic Areas In any interior decorating project, choosing the right flooring can be one of the most difficult decisions. This is true for both homeowners and business owners. Choosing the right floor for high-traffic areas can be especially difficult. The flooring used in these areas must be able to withstand all the “battering” it will […]

Kitchen countertops – what are the options?

The material that covers your kitchen counters is one of the most visible and noticeable features of your home. It helps to set the layout and color theme. Today there are new options in countertops and the old ones are making a comeback. Here are a dozen countertop options for you to consider: Granite: This has been the most popular […]

Design Guide: Creating the Perfect Home Office

Working from home is on the rise. Census. The government claims that in the last decade, the number of Americans working from home at least one day a week has increased by a staggering 35% (that’s 4.2 million Americans!) in the last decade. The importance of having a well-planned, well-designed, and well-organized home office space cannot be underestimated. Having a […]

The Anti-Aging and Health Benefits of Herbs

Herbs are essential for cooking delicious meals, but many of them also contain powerful anti-aging properties that can help maintain a healthy glow and may even help protect against disease. They are easy to buy fresh most of the time, but that can get expensive quickly. You may find it cheaper (and fun) to grow your own. Herbs are easy […]

How to clean hardwood floors

One of the best types of flooring is hardwood flooring that enhances the beauty of a home’s interior and adds style and appeal. It is one of the most widely used flooring systems because its material lasts for many years and is easy to clean. Using a vacuum is the most common way to clean hardwood floors, but there are […]

Feng Shui Your Office

At its core, Feng shui, or the Chinese art of placement, is a spiritual discipline that involves more than just the arrangement of objects in your environment. But you can still benefit from the latest move on the office scene. You can spend hours and hours researching the topic, so this is an attempt to condense most of the main […]