DWI versus DUI and other tickets

It is scientifically proven that any amount of alcohol consumption impairs your coordination, mental thought process, and reaction time, thus affecting your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. Many states, including the state of Missouri, have a zero tolerance law that strictly mandates how police handle certain situations. What does zero tolerance mean? A zero-tolerance law means that anyone […]

Female resistance to male authority, part one

Human beings seem to possess an innate abhorrence of submission to authority figures. Even when someone is subjugated to another person through the laws of the nation or the customs of the nation, the person will discover ways to subvert the authority of the person above them. Most of the time, these forms are passive resistance since they are much […]

How to run an effective fundraising campaign

One of the most important things any nonprofit organization needs is to raise money to support its programs. I always talk about having a big vision and, when possible, growing to scale. Money is always needed to make these things happen. The great thing about fundraising in today’s world is that you don’t just have to rely on the people […]

5 keys for investors in startups

Hundreds of thousands of companies are formed each year. Many of them have a significant need for capital, which presents opportunities for investors. While the initial investment isn’t for everyone, those with a high tolerance for risk may find it an exhilarating and potentially rewarding hobby. The prospect of getting on the ground floor of the next Uber or Facebook, […]

How Joint Ventures Can Help You Grow Your Business

As a business owner, you must have resources if you want to grow your client list. One of the most effective ways to easily access a volume of qualified customers is to establish joint venture partner agreements. Naturally, you should be selective about who you choose to work with, as their conduct will reflect on your business. But if you […]

To Kill a Mockingbird: Boo Radley’s Ultimate Test in the Hero’s Journey

the hero’s journey No one has written more about the hero’s journey than Joseph Campbell. Among his many articles and books on the subject, Campbell expresses the hero’s deepest understanding in four elements of the journey: the sacred marriage, the father’s atonement, the apotheosis, and the elixir theft. While the monomyth’s journey follows a pattern that every heroic story follows, […]

Small Business Legal Planning: Ten Biggest Mistakes

Small business owners and managers often fail to adequately address legal issues. This failure can stem from being preoccupied with other matters, unawareness or insensitivity to legal concerns, or reluctance to spend the money to hire an attorney. Unfortunately, such businesses can end up incurring substantial expenses or liabilities that could have been avoided with good legal planning. The following […]

Presidents of the United States who went to Harvard

There are eight presidents of the United States who have graduated from Harvard. Five of the eight earned their undergraduate degrees from Harvard, while the other three received graduate degrees in business or law. The eight presidents of the United States who went to school at Harvard are: 1. John Adams – second president of the United States (Harvard class […]