Ferrets – Caring for newborn ferrets

Although new baby ferrets are very sweet and cute, there are many things you need to start taking on in order to train these adorable pets. New baby ferrets that are old enough to be brought home should be litter box trained to avoid those ‘middle of the road’ accidents and teach them not to bite or bite fingers. If […]

Beagles are great family dogs.

Family Companions of Beagles Patients Beagles have always been excellent family dogs, but they have been the least vaunted until recently. Beagles do not commonly boast of being a family dog, they were not listed in the family dog ​​rankings. However, in recent years, more and more families and individuals have been showing their love for Beagles in the family. […]

Beagle Training Basics

Beagles are one of the most popular breeds in the United States and Canada. They are one of the oldest breeds of hounds and were originally bred to hunt in small packs or groups (pairs). Today, hunting and field trials are still popular with beagles, but they are increasingly being kept as family pets. Beagles are naturally lovable and friendly […]

Top 10 dog breeds in the world

All good dog breeds have great importance with the specific. In the following list of the top 10 dog breeds, we take a look at all varieties of puppies, from small to large. We’re selecting favorites based on their attitude and trainability, as well as their cute and cuddly items. But just to be clear, we love all breeds, now […]

Would you rescue a disabled hero, a dog of war?

Did you know that the United States has an almost unknown force of heroes who risk the most dangerous missions, exploring, searching for explosives, helping to save wounded soldiers and other clandestine and super dangerous activities? These heroes have gone unrecognized for years and at one point were abandoned or worse at the end of their tour…without a thank you […]

Home treatment for kennel cough

Understanding what home treatment for kennel cough is available is prudent because the condition is probably more prevalent than people realize. Dogs can get kennel cough from other infected dogs or by breathing in smoke or other irritants. The infection is often treated with antibiotics, but it is better for the dog if his immune system has a chance to […]

Make high-quality dog ​​food at home

At the time of this writing, there has been a HUGE dog and cat food poisoning trade scare in the US due to contaminated dog food. About 60 million cans and bags of prepared pet food were recalled. Some owners lost their dogs and cats, because a type of plastic called melamine had found its way into the pet food! […]

History of the Dixie Highway

The Dixie Highway once carried people from Canada to Florida through the Midwestern states. Today, most of the remains of the highway have been absorbed into the new numbering system that takes into account all highways in the US, although an incomplete puzzle remains in some parts of the highway. Carl Fischer, who always dreamed of a road that could […]