Are there eco-friendly options available for cat beds?

eco-friendly options available for cat beds Your cat deserves a restful, comfortable spot to take a snooze. But when it comes to choosing the right bed, you want to avoid toxic materials that may harm your pet and the environment. Fortunately, there are plenty of eco-friendly options available to spoil your feline overlords! From natural toys made from renewable and […]

Plastic cages for dogs: advantages and disadvantages

Plastic dog crates are some of the most commonly purchased and used types of dog crates. They offer several advantages and disadvantages that a potential buyer should be aware of before making a purchase. This article will review those pros and cons in an effort to allow you to make a more informed decision before purchasing a new crate for […]

10 Common Pomeranian Health Problems

Miniaturized descendants of larger breeds of the Arctic Spitz type, such as the American Eskimo Dog and Samoyed, Pomeranians are lively, intelligent, proud, and oh-so-cute! Once hard-working dogs, but now considered “lap dogs,” these playful little puffs of dust are happiest when pampered and kept busy. If they are not trained in obedience or are treated inappropriately, they can become […]

cricket breeding

Raising crickets can be fun and easy. Many people have been buying crickets at pet stores for years. The money spent could easily add up to hundreds of dollars in a year. Breeding crickets is not that difficult with a few simple rules and methods. In this article I will briefly explain how to raise crickets at home. First you […]

Florida tourist attractions – Big Cypress National Reserve, the Everglades

While pre-existing development is allowed to continue, with limits, on this 1,139-square-mile preserve, its federal protections generally make it feel as wild and natural as the Everglades park. And that’s a good thing, since the rains that flood its wetlands are an integral part of the ecosystem that keeps the Everglades green, lush, and vibrant. Recently, the park entered into […]

How does having a pet help your children?

There are families that have had a pet for generations. Health experts have estimated that loving a pet as a member of the family brings joy to your children and promotes good health. A look at the points mentioned below will give you the advantages of having a pet in the house. There are people who love having pets but […]

Puppy Delivery – Ten Quick Steps

1. Keep calm Giving birth to puppies can sometimes be easy, so don’t panic. Large breeds are particularly easy. 2. Confining the pregnant bitch to a good place. The first concern when your bitch is giving birth to puppies is the location of the mother. A cold, drafty area out of arms reach is the worst place for a dog […]

Florida Tourist Attractions – Part 3

Canoe Camping at 10,000 Islands, the Everglades At once desolate and lush, tropical yet eerie, the serenity and beauty of the Everglades is to canoe or kayak through the excellent network of waterways that line the northwestern part of the park. The 10,000 Islands consist of many (but not really 10,000) tiny islands and a mangrove swamp that hugs Florida’s […]