The 8 Best High Protein Dog Foods for 2021

Best High Protein Dog Foods A dog’s diet is not a meal plan; therefore, it is necessary to consider the quality of the food. A good high-protein dog food is not going to make your dog overweight. It should have a good balance of different macronutrients, so it is important to choose the right one for your dog. You should […]

How to write a column about a personal experience

I once read a column in my local newspaper about the experience of a person adopting a kitten. The theme of the column seemed to be that it was difficult to get exactly the kitten I wanted due to what the columnist argued was the lack of unwanted kittens in our province, British Columbia. The columnist ended up buying her […]

How the Australian Labradoodle Was Born

The Labradoodle is a special and independent breed that combines the best traits of the Labrador Retriever (such as temperament and loyalty) with the hypoallergenic coat of the Poodle. The original goal of creating these beautiful dogs in the eighties was to provide a solution for people who needed the services of a guide dog but were allergic to the […]

Clown Trigger: The Dog Trained in a Saltwater Tank

The trigger clown is one of the most unique and interesting species of fish. It is often described as a dog in a fish tank because it can have as much personality as your family’s dog. Some people even pat them, although depending on their individual personality, this could result in a nasty bite. The Clown Trigger is found in […]

Rename your Greyhound Rescue

We have 2 rescued animated greyhounds named Angel and Ares. We adopted Angel from Greyhound Friends of North Carolina. We are in the middle of finalizing the adoption of Ares from Northeast Ohio Greyhound Rescue. When we got the two greyhounds from the greyhound rescue, they were still using their track names, or some rehash anyway. I was disheartened when […]

Pros and cons of wild animals as pets

Many people find the idea of ​​keeping wild animals as pets exotic and exciting. However, if you want a wild animal as a pet, you must have a thorough understanding of the animal and its behavior and needs. People who keep these animals as pets are invariably trained to handle them, but even they will tell you how unpredictable these […]

A safe remedy for fleas on a kitten

Striving to get rid of a flea infestation on a kitten at home requires patience as with every flea found on the animal. These insects are blood-sucking pests that result in the pathophysiological state of the cat creating discomfort, resulting in anemia in the later stage. The kitten’s health would be seriously compromised resulting in later stage anemia, an itchy […]

Dogs with food allergies: novel protein dog food

the history I have a boxer / bull mastiff mix named Leo, who struggles with itching and scratching all the time. There came a point where I felt really bad for him, not just because he’s my best friend, but because I can tell he was uncomfortable. I finally had enough, I looked up my vet’s phone number and went […]

Quick treatment for when your dog has diarrhea

Do you have that helpless feeling when your dog has diarrhea and everything you try to do doesn’t seem to improve it? Looking for a way to gently ease your dog’s diarrhea symptoms so you don’t have to rely on your vet for such a common ailment? Well, I have a solution for you! Here I will show you the […]