Characteristics of vinyl floors

Thinking of installing flooring in your home? Do not get confused; The simple and durable flooring you can opt for is there. Vinyl flooring is one of the best options considering its long-lasting quality and affordability. Especially when you are considering bathroom and kitchen flooring, vinyl flooring is the best option. The trend of installing vinyl flooring is increasing day […]

Reasons Homeowners Prefer Using Self Storage

Most people associate self-storage facilities with business use only. It is a fact that business owners benefit greatly from using self storage units. Surprisingly, however, a large number of homeowners also depend on the convenience and cost-effectiveness of these facilities to expand their homes. Homeowners prefer to use self-storage for these 5 reasons: MOVING AWAY Families, especially those just starting […]

How to sell your house fast, for cash

We can’t always plan for the future, and sometimes the unexpected can happen. There are many reasons why a quick cash home sale can meet your needs. Consider, for example, if you need to move or emigrate quickly: the lengthy process of selling a home can be impractical, if not impossible. Or if you’re having trouble making your mortgage payments, […]

2018 Home Renovation Report: Owner Trends, Spending, and Priority Projects

CURRENT ECONOMIC OUTLOOK In general, US homeowners are optimistic about the next twelve months. 60% of homeowners consider the state of the economy before making renovation plans and 61% are confident the economy is improving. Additionally, 55% of our respondents believe that home values ​​will also increase over the next year. While President Trump can be a controversial topic, only […]

Why Every Homeowner Needs a Property Tax Doctor

Because every homeowner who protests their assessments, with an understanding of how the property tax assessment system works, often receives tax savings of $ 500 to $ 1,000, if not more, annually on their property tax bill. the property. Simply put, the property tax bill is calculated by multiplying the homeowner’s assessment by the local property tax rate and subtracting […]

The Benefits of BIM Modeling for Structural Engineers and Architects

BIM Modeling for Structural Engineers In addition to the visual aspects of a structural model, BIM can be used to manage and control related processes. The virtual structural model created by an engineer can be used to coordinate with other engineering professionals, as well as coordinate construction documentation, fabrication techniques, and material quantities. In addition, BIM can be used for […]

Don’t sell your house, make it a rent!

Instead of selling your residence to buy another home, you can decide not to sell your residence and convert it to rental property. In this case, the next home you buy and live in again qualifies you for the lowest owner-occupied loan rate. This approach also makes it easier to make repairs to the rental home because having lived there, […]

How to hedge against inflation with an IRA

Inflation is a scary word for those saving for retirement. If inflation changes too fast, you will see your retirement funds shrink before your eyes. Inflation has risen steadily year over year in the recent past, however this does not mean that you should stop saving for retirement. There are ways to combat inflation by creating a very special type […]