Wienerschnitzel – Franchise Review

Wienerschnitzel, is the world’s largest hot dog chain and has partnered with King’s Hawaiian Company, one of the country’s leading and original producers of Hawaiian sweet buns, which promotes a top-selling brand name bun and is credited with credit for bringing Chipotle Ranch Pupsters to the Wienerschnitzel menu. The franchise company offers business owners the opportunity to be part of […]

Food that does not match the menu

The question of whether you’re really getting the exact same food that’s listed on the menu has lingered in the restaurant industry. What guarantee is there that you will get exactly what you ordered? Are there checks and balances in place to ensure the integrity of the companies that source the food available in restaurants? There can be a lot […]

My nine life lessons

This one strays a bit from the typical topics of my articles. I recently wrote a book on what I call “good enough satisfaction.” It is an allegory about a man in his forties who is not happy with his life. After a magical train ride, he learns to define what fulfillment means in nine areas of his life: career, […]

The Only Interior Design Tips You’ll Ever Need

It’s not uncommon for people on a budget to spend a significant proportion of the cost of their home having it updated by a professional interior designer. But not all of us have that kind of budget or want to spend it on an interior design scheme. Many expensive interiors have a certain “overdesigned” look reminiscent of a fancy hotel, […]