Do you REALLY want to fix and flip houses?

Real estate investing and home swapping have become a hot topic on television and the media these days, but before you get caught up in the investment fervor, you need to provide honest answers to some serious questions. First, are you willing to start spending much of your life involved in acquiring, repairing, and then transferring the properties you purchase? […]

Future Village of Formosa

Travelers and photographers around the world are constantly looking for that unique experience. That unique photo of that unique place that receives the respect and admiration of friends and magazine editors. With the ever-expanding tourism industry, these places are increasingly difficult to find every day, especially if you are not friends with a local. Traveling to unknown places, it is […]

Five Companies To Sign Up With For REO Garbage Removal And Foreclosure Cleanup Jobs

Many smaller foreclosure cleaning companies get work from larger mortgage field service companies. The garbage cleanup and foreclosure industry is on the rise, as evident in foreclosure industry reporting data from sources like RealtyTrac, an online marketplace for foreclosures. According to RealtyTrac, there were 3,825,637 reported foreclosure filings on US properties in 2010. That’s a double-digit increase from 2008. Foreclosure […]

How to properly build a tiled shower tray

The most important part of the entire shower project to get it right is absolutely the floor pan! And unsurprisingly, this is where most DIYers make a mistake, try to take a shortcut, or just get it wrong. Improper floor pan construction can lead to leaks, of course, but also mold growth under the tile and mortar bed if a […]

Detroit Commercial Property – Now is the time to buy!

Does commercial real estate in southeast Michigan offer the most outstanding investment potential anywhere in the country right now? Some investors believe that it is. When the great recession completely took hold in late 2008, the entire real estate market, both locally and nationally, plummeted in price, creating a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for all cash investors. There have been a handful […]

How to spike your ARV before you buy

The main reason fix and rollover investors lose money is that they make mistakes when estimating the post-repair value (ARV). Getting the correct repair value and estimate, or at least close, is essential to your success. Analyzing the numbers in a deal is easy, but finding the numbers to connect to your formula can be tricky. Here are five mistakes […]