Rich boy and poor boy

After his regular workouts with his personal gym trainer, Daniel took a quick shower and put on his white pants, white T-shirt, and comfortable brown house slippers. He ordered his butler with whom he passed through his yard to call a masseur. “I need a masseur for home service, before 12 noon.” Daniel walked quickly when he saw Sarah in […]

Youth Baseball Mental Training

The game of baseball cannot begin without the action of a position. In basketball there is a lot of focus on point guard. In soccer there is a lot of focus on the quarterback. These are important positions, but there is no position that is more important than that of a pitcher in baseball. There is so much responsibility that […]

Letter to the World Series

It has been played since 1903. The New York Yankees have won it twenty-seven times, and the Houston Astros, San Diego Padres, Milwaukee Brewers, Texas Rangers and four other teams are still looking for their first win. What is it? It’s the World Series and it’s a highlight for sports enthusiasts every fall. The World Series doesn’t really span the […]

The brief history of the Philadelphia Blazers in the WHA

Like many teams in the World Hockey Association, the Philadelphia Blazers were a flash of a year. The Blazers played in the WHA’s inaugural season, 1972-73. The franchise was born as the Miami Screaming Eagles, but the team relocated to Philadelphia before a single game was played in Florida. The Blazers did not share the Spectrum with the NHL Flyers. […]

How to avoid becoming a sugar daddy

A sugar daddy is a candy, not a real man Gold seekers fill the online dating world just as they do in the real world. If you have any money, I’m sure you know how quickly women gold diggers come to call. However, there are a few ways you can avoid becoming a sugar daddy to these women by avoiding […]

Being a HERO – Interview with Laurett Ellsworth Arenz

Q: What does the HERO’S system represent and how does it help the actors? A: HERO’S stands for Health, Education, Relationships, Opportunity and Spirituality. My goal is to help people achieve balance in all of those areas. Life is complex and difficult to navigate without the right tools. We can choose to figure it out on our own and learn […]

Cheerleading Scholarships for College and College Attendance

In addition to the availability of scholarships based on grades, ethnic background, academic majors, and hobbies, there are also scholarships specific to cheerleaders. College sports are an important part of school for both students and the local community. Many in the city participate in the games and create a bond between those in the school and the local residents. In […]