Tai Sui in Feng Shui

The Tai Sui (Grand Duke Jupiter) is somewhat feared by some feng shui enthusiasts and for good reason: he is the “god of the year” who bestows favors and sends misfortune on those who offend him. The legends of this deity are confusing to most Westerners, as we tend to have belief systems that favor the monotheistic view of a […]

Top Ten High Energy Foods

Many people skip breakfast, believing that it is a good way to lose weight. Then, in the middle of the morning, they start to feel emaciated and ready to drop. They run for a quick energy fix: a candy bar, a soda, or worse, one of the newer caffeine-and-sugar-filled energy drinks. And it does, indeed, give them a jolt, but […]

skateboard background

Skateboarding is a very popular action sport all over the world that consists of riding and performing tricks on a skateboard. Believe it or not, the skateboarding industry is a $4.6 billion industry and there are believed to be over 11 million active skateboarders. It was recently announced that skateboarding will be at the 2020 Olympics. There are two different […]

What makes Caribbean food special?

The sea, the sun and the sand make the Caribbean a popular tourist destination. But in addition to the beautiful weather, the incredible scenery and the total Caribbean experience, the Caribbean food is unique and appetizing. There’s something about that great Caribbean spiciness! Caribbean food is not like food from any other part of the world. The Italians have their […]

Guide to the Forts of Old San Juan in Puerto Rico

Old San Juan in Puerto Rico is a walled city with forts to protect San Juan from attacks during the Spanish era of the 16th century. It has old buildings, fortresses, and cobbled paths that attract many tourists. Two of the forts in Old San Juan are UNESCO World Heritage Sites and attract many tourists annually. 1. Fort San Felipe […]

Malta Airlines Fights – Low Fares With Good Service

The holiday industry on the small Mediterranean island of Malta was saved by the entry of low-cost airlines into the market, making the situation worse for an island that today has an active tourism sector just five years ago. With higher fares than other Mediterranean islands, the number of holidays in Malta had been declining for some years, but finally […]

What are the fads and fads of food?

How did gastronomic fashion change? Exploration. India had the spices and China had the tea and those who went to remote places began to establish trade. However, much of the food we eat today originated in the Americas. The Pilgrims may have brought the turkey to the first Thanksgiving, but it was the Native Americans who showed up with the […]

Einstein’s enigma: a reason for curiosity

Einstein’s brilliance still gives him great light in the rankings of intellect, especially in the physics of cosmology and the theory of relativity. He had an extraordinary way of performing complex thought experiments that produced a remarkable correspondence with reality. But even great minds face puzzles, and if it’s all a mere accident, without a higher mind, where does meaning […]