Clutch kit: how to replace a clutch kit

As drivers, we will come across situations where one of the car’s components will break. Sometimes we can easily afford to pay someone to replace the system, but there will be times when you will have to do it yourself, provided you know how.

The clutch can be in any of the following: front or rear of the car. Different cars are manufactured like front wheel drive cars or rear wheel drive cars. Replacing the front clutch will require more patience, as it is more difficult to remove it from its place.

The hydraulic clutch system is made up of many parts. This includes the clutch plate, pressure plate, release bearing and release fork, operating cylinder and master cylinder, hydraulic line, linkage, and pedal.

First, you will need to check the steering wheel. Sometimes the problem may be that the flywheel needs to be machined. Before changing the clutch, you will also need to remove the gearbox to avoid damaging that part.

Changing most of the components would require you to lift the car. Where the clutch is, is where you should put the jack. You will then need to remove the transaxle by unhooking the clutch cable and the battery cable that locks the kit.

Now, you will need to remove the bolts that hold the motor mount. This is also useful when the transaxle is easily removed. You will only need to remove one of the engine mounts in order to replace the clutch kit. Removing the transaxle will also require you to remove the bolts around the flywheel bell housing.

You have now removed the transaxle and are ready to reach for the damaged component. You will need to loosen the pressure plate bolts to slide the clutch disc out. After machining or replacing the flywheel, make sure dirt has been removed from the crankshaft flange so that the flywheel turns properly. Now you can put a new clutch disc in its place.

From here, everything you did is backwards. To replace the transaxle, you must align the part with the shaft hole in the disc. Move the transaxle until the input shaft slides into the hole in the clutch disc shaft. All bolts must be properly tightened before removing the jack. Loose bolts can cause major problems and considerable repairs.

You must have experience in the engine repair industry to know exactly how to replace a clutch kit without damaging other components of the car. A qualified technician or mechanic will easily do the job for you so you don’t have to.

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