Digital Marketing

Free ways to promote your site

1. Submit your site to free search engine submission sites. Make sure to submit your site to all the major search engines out there. A site that is submitted to search engines is

2. Submit your site to ffa sites. FFA sites are sites created for the purpose of allowing people to post one-way links. There are some well known services that ship to thousands of pages.

3. Join viral marketing sites. Some allow you to get guaranteed traffic from a certain number of visitors as long as you visit certain sites. There are also some sites that offer you more ads to recommend people to join. There are many sites like that.

4. Another thing you can do is join link exchange sites. These sites allow you to exchange links with other members in an organized, effective, and often free manner. There are many link exchange sites available; just search one of the major search engines.

5. Another way is to write articles. Since getting a lot of links to your website makes your search engine ranking higher, you can get more links by placing your link in the articles you write. Articles can be on any topic and there are many article directories or other types of websites that accept articles.

6. Another good way is to write press releases. In press releases you can include news about your website as news.

7. You can also submit to directories. An example is the directory. These are just some of the best ways to generate traffic for your site.

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