Joe Montano career statistics

Joe Montano is widely considered the best quarterback in the history of the National Football League in the United States. The essence of the Montanos game can be summed up in one of the favorite sayings of sports writers: when the going gets tough, the tough get going. Well, Montano got going when his team’s going got tough. Joe Montano’s career stats are as impressive as any quarterback in NFL history, if not better. But even such powerful stats seem unable to outline the actual impact of the player.

Joe Montano was born on June 11, 1956 in Pennsylvania. After showing off his soccer skills during his college life at the University of North Carolina, he was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in 1979. He got off to a fairly moderate start in the league. But soon his icy performance in tight matches came to the fore. He won many games in the fourth quarter almost by magic. After an excellent career with the San Francisco 49ers, for whom he played until 1992, he was transferred to the Kansas City Chiefs in 1993. Even in the twilight of his career, he managed to play some excellent games for his new team.

The most impressive and perhaps the first of many illustrious comebacks in Joe Montano’s career statistics occurred in 1981 in Super Bowl XXIII between the Dallas and San Francisco 49ers, when he threw a series of impressive touchdown passes in the fourth quarter. Everyone who saw that brilliant performance instantly became a fan of the new soccer superstar. But it was only the beginning. He was aptly nicknamed the comeback kid and Joe Cool, due to his ability to improve his performance during the crucial stages of the game.

Joe Montano’s career statistics regarding comebacks are quite remarkable. He played the leading role in up to 31 comeback victories. In all these games, Montano saved the best he could for the last quarter of the game. It is not something related to a particular team. Naturally, most of these comebacks (26 of 31) occurred when he was playing for the San Francisco 49ers. But he managed to engineer five comeback victories even in his comparatively short career with the Kansas City Chiefs.

The following are some of the brilliant pieces of Joe Montano’s career statistics. During his career as a quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, he completed 2,929 of 4,600 passes with 244 touchdowns and 123 steals. He threw 35 times over a distance of 300 yards, among which seven times the distance exceeded 400 yards. When he retired in 1995, he had a 92.3 passer rating, the highest ever. He also won the NFL MVP award on several occasions.

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