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National Holidays: Places to Visit That Save Time and Money

You work hard for your money. The average full-time employee spends about 55 hours a week in the workplace. That doesn’t include travel time or things that need to be done outside of the office. Americans spend so much time at work that dream vacations are truly a getaway from it all. However, those looking for an exotic escape may be missing out on all the splendor this country has to offer. Well, here are some tips on domestic vacations; places that will scratch that travel itch and not take too much of your hard-earned money.

First is Yosemite National Park. With over 1,200 square miles of wilderness; waterfalls, wildlife, and beautiful Sequoia trees, Yosemite has a lot to offer. What some may find even better; admission is just $20 per car for a full 7-day pass. Now that it only takes you to the park, lodging can run around $200 a night during the summer, but out of season (September through April) rooms can be found for as little as $40 a night.

The next step is our nation’s capital, Washington DC The best thing about visiting Washington DC is that aside from meals and a hotel room, almost everything you want to do is free. Yes, the National Mall, the Smithsonian Museums, Capitol Hill, and the National Zoo are free. Even if you can’t make it to the area during the famous cherry blossom season, there’s still plenty to do year-round, even during the winter. Starting in December, DC is fully decked out in holiday decorations and offers free entertainment throughout the city. Winter in Washington may not seem like a vacation destination, but there’s plenty within that district to take advantage of.

Vacation spots don’t get much more festive than New Orleans. The Big Easy has many essentials to make a great getaway. New York may have the nickname “the city that never sleeps,” but New Orleans also burns midnight oil. The night life is second to none. Then there’s the food, from five-star seafood to hole-in-the-wall establishments, you can’t go wrong anywhere within the city limits. The best way to get around is walking. Avoid getting a hotel in the French Quarter and go a little further. That way you can catch some of the famous cable cars for just $1.25.

Last on the list of cheap vacation spots is New York City. Now, New York City is notoriously expensive in a myriad of ways, but what many people overlook is how affordable it can be with just a little planning. There are the different and varied places to enjoy that are part of the charm of the city. Walking from Chinatown to Little Italy and then through Greenwich Village could be a good tour of the district. You can hop on the Staten Island Ferry, which is free, and see the skyline, New York Harbor, and the Statue of Liberty. A week-long subway pass to get around the city is just $30, and a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art has an MSRP of just $20. You really do pay what you want, if you pay at all.

If you’re planning a vacation, places like these should probably be on your list.

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