NCAA Football 10 – Review

Although most things have remained the same from NCAA Football 10, there is still no doubt that you will be able to enjoy the most realistic football simulation. In fact, you’ve probably never come across something as realistic as this, thanks to the amazing power of next-gen consoles. There is no denying that NCAA Football 10 just gets better every year.

While this year’s version of NCAA Football certainly has a host of new features, of course you can still go online to compete with others. One notable difference is that there is now a new mode, known as “Season Showdown,” which by all accounts can only be described as extremely cool, as you can play at your favorite school. Once you start playing, you choose the school of your choice and the more you play and earn online, the more points you will accumulate for the school of your choice. It should also be noted that you can play a number of interactive games as well as trivia games to earn points. When the end of the year comes, a school will host the “National Championship Season Showdown”, which of course is a great way to get involved with other players and also to cheer on your school.

Even with many new features, one simply cannot deny that the dynasty mode is still one of the most important features of the game, given that you can take the game one step further by creating your own school. When you do this, of course, you have the opportunity to name your school, choose a fight song, design a school logo, and of course create your own team. Interestingly, you can even customize certain individual players to play on your team.

For those people who have gotten used to playing Madden, this type of soccer game will provide a whole new opportunity and of course the game is still unbeatable. There are simply so many things in this game that you can’t get out of an NFL game.

The game planning function is also very good. This allows you to emphasize certain aspects of the game. If you have trouble running the ball, put more emphasis on opening the running lanes. However, you should know that this will increase the number of waiting calls you receive.

The strategic call mode is also a welcome addition to the game. This allows you to keep your opponents guessing and catch them off guard. You can execute several different plays of the same formation. Catch them sleeping with a game action pass or backhand.

Overall, there is nothing quite like NCAA Football 10. It is unmatched in the gaming industry and is the leader on the field for a reason. Watch the game today and dive into college football again.

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