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Old world gothic interiors and decor

The design of this gothic country house is an eclectic mix of vintage architecture and hand-carved artistic pieces that celebrate the playfulness of its unique personality. The architecture details arches and high vaulted ceilings that are reminiscent of Old World Gothic design. Detailed triple arches with leaf and rose patterns give the decor a medieval-era look. A vintage gold mirror and a rustic recycled wagon daybed further enhance this effect. Add color with patchwork saree pillows and blankets. Gothic interiors are all about dramatic opulence and old world flair! Luxurious and grandiose, royal décor adds a classy, ​​elegant statement.

A gothic living room or bedroom design boasts elaborate arches with decorative patterns, opulent antique doors detailed with brass, iron stars and medallions, embroidered furniture, and an edgy look. The gothic style freestanding cabinets in this sprawling rustic living room design are certainly highlights that stand out against the plain walls while bringing a holistic warmth to the decor. You can add antique pieces like a large colorful bow made in an ornate mirror or traditional furniture to create a vintage finish.

Eclectic Gothic interiors are fans of quirky carved details and love the look of old-world elegance and grandeur. With its grand medieval architecture, richly textured fabrics, majestic and opulent colors, exotic décor, this style gives your interiors a polished classic look. Gothic architecture is famous for its carved columns and arches, along with large windows framed with ancient woods and elaborate details. Heavy ornate headboards, decorative items like mirrors, large chandeliers, and rich silk fabrics are some examples of absolutely charming design ideas. Intricately carved mantelpiece displays detailed Gothic design. Ornamental carved details on the consoles and stair balustrades also add to this effect. The abundant woodwork on the carved doors to the bedrooms gives the room warmth and character.

From the stunning hardwood floors and ornate furniture to the detailed sculptures of granite elephants found against the stone walls, this room is certainly imposing and over the top. A cozy bedroom with an elegant ornate headboard and matching nightstands along with a huge closet that houses the television, the closet doors are made from antique reclaimed woods lined with brass carved peacocks. The dressing table in front of the bed is an extra long sideboard with sunburst carved in dark teal that adds to the opulence of the room. Gothic style and glamor are synonymous with classic elegance in interior design and eclectic architectural design.

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