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Tell your man to go away

… We have a Men’s Retreat!

Have you noticed that your man is more relaxed after spending time with his friends? Guys need time to hang out without trying to satisfy someone else’s needs! And when you can celebrate your hobbies together, that makes everything better!

Tips for planning retreats for men

Start with a topic. Center it on March Madness or a NASCAR race, hunting or fishing, bowling or baseball … A topic is a great way to break the ice and create opportunities for conversation.

Add quality content. Men’s devotionals abound on sports, fishing, hunting, and work, as well as tips for being a great dad. Aim for one topic and let it be the springboard for everything else. Guys have to work harder to connect, so set them up for success by fostering opportunities around the campfire and in small groups. Sometimes it can be less threatening to talk while working. Maybe that can happen while you’re at a Habitat for Humanity workplace or ropes course, doing team building exercises? Conversation skills can be learned in a shared environment that is not threatening. And when kids connect, they find a support system to help them navigate the rapids of life!

Add a place. Will it be a tent, cabins, conference center, or 5-star hotel? Each piece of the puzzle fits together to help determine the subject’s follow-up. Whether your retreat is for an entire weekend or just a night of fun at the bowling alley, the location will prepare you for the next question.

And the food? Perhaps the ladies would help prepare delicious treats to focus on the topic? Smoky Chile for a snowmobile excursion or hoagies for a golf excursion? Or check catering prices at a local restaurant and figure that amount into your retirement expenses.

Will you share the car? Rent a bus? Shared transportation adds to the camaraderie of the adventure and will figure in the bottom line. Count all your expenses and compile your advertising. How are you going to spread the word? Email, Facebook, brochures, and posters help. But above all, the best public relations are still word of mouth. When guys are passionate about their favorite team, do they keep it to themselves? NOT! They tell everyone! So get them excited about doing “Guy Stuff” and let the macho roll!

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