Unique gift for mother’s day.

Mother’s Day gifts have been given for as long as the holiday has been celebrated. From flowers to candy to lunch specials, Mother’s Day gift ideas are as endless as the love you have for your beloved mother. Mother’s Day is the only day of the year dedicated to making moms feel like queens. Although we should all make our moms feel so good each day of the year, Mother’s Day is the official, nationally recognized day for us to do so. So one of the best ways to do that, aside from directly telling her how much she means to you, is by giving her unique and thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts. But what kinds of gifts are thoughtful and unique? what will it be In fact make her smile? What will she appreciate the most? Luckily, we’ve identified some unique and thoughtful Mother’s Day gifts. for you. Choose from this list and it will be a gift you will always remember.

  • A homemade brunch for Mother’s Day

Sure there are local restaurant brunches all over the place on Mother’s Day, but make it more personalized by hosting one at your house for the whole family to enjoy. Set the table with printable place cards, pretty napkins, and your best dishes, and spread out some fresh flowers in vases in the eating area. For menu ideas, try the recipes listed on, or make simple things you’ll love, like cubed fresh fruit and berries, French toast, Eggs Benedict, quiche, yogurt parfaits, and fresh-squeezed juices.

  • printable coupon book

A printable coupon book can be filled with coupons redeemable for things like a free house cleaning, a free week of home-cooked dinners, free babysitting, car washes, lawn care, nights out to the theater, etc. Give him some free time and fill the coupons with things he’ll appreciate and love.

  • gift baskets

You can create one yourself or order one of the elaborate collaborations at If you make it up yourself, it might be a bit more personal. Add some scented candles, moisturizer and bath salts, a gift certificate to your favorite restaurant, a printable coupon book (see #3), some fresh-baked cookies, and something focused on your hobbies—ie, a new item. cookbook, bookmark, stationery, photo album or a round of golf at the local course.

  • A day at the spa

My darling mommy will love a day of relaxation and rejuvenation at the spa. Set up treatments for her like a mud bath, facial spa, pedicure, and deep tissue massage. To make it even more enjoyable, book it as a mother-daughter duo trip and spend the day relaxing together. Be sure to buy her a special body lotion, scented candle, or other scented treat from the spa so that she will have a memory of her special day with you.

  • homemade crafts

These work especially well if there are kids in the family to make them… Homemade Mother’s Day crafts like picture frame mats, a certificate, or the recipe boxes and makeup bags listed on Kaboose. com, contribute greatly to wish a Happy Mother. Day and will always be well received.

  • jeweler’s

It is timeless, sentimental and beautiful. Mother’s Day jewelry goes a long way in saying: Thank you; and “I love you, mom.” Check out the ornaments at for more specific ideas, like birthstone jewelry, or get something engraved, like a bracelet or locket. For something really cool, check out the mother’s family rings, which feature all the birthstones of the children in the family.

  • personalized cards

Whatever you get mom for Mother’s Day this year, don’t forget the personalized Mother’s Day card to accompany her Mother’s Day gift. There’s a huge variety of printable Mother’s Day cards at, including funny cards, photo cards, heartfelt cards, traditional cards, and many more!

  • gifts with photo

Moms love keepsakes, especially photographic ones. Take some of those old family photos or even some special new ones, and turn them into keepsakes like photo coasters, photo keepsake box, photo wine box, photo mouse pad, or even photo jewelry. Mom will never forget this generous gesture.

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