When to Get a New Cat Scratching Post

Get a New Cat Scratching Post

If your cat’s claws are tearing into your expensive furniture, it is time to get a new cat scratching post. Cats are instinctively inclined to scratch surfaces for a variety of reasons, from marking their territory to stretching out. By offering a suitable alternative that spares your carpet and furniture, you can help your cat with their natural behavior while relieving them of the stress and pain caused by declawing.

cat scratching post and pads are available in many different designs, from simple, asymmetrical platforms to elaborate condos with climbing structures, places to lounge or play and attached toys for interaction. Choose the one that best fits your cat’s personality and lifestyle, as well as your own space requirements.

You will also need to consider what kind of surface your cat prefers to scratch. Some posts are covered in rough material, like sisal rope, which resembles the texture of tree bark and is an effective scratching surface for cats. Others have more soft, carpet-like coverings that provide an appealing surface for some cats. Some posts have both types of material for the scratching surface, allowing you to try both and see which your cat prefers.

When to Get a New Cat Scratching Post

Another factor is location. Make sure the post is in a prominent area of your home and near areas where your cat likes to hang out. It is especially important to put the post in an area that your cat can access when they wake up, after a nap and/or before going outside.

When introducing your cat to their new scratching post, you should be patient and encourage them to use it by rewarding them every time they use it. Place a few treats nearby and give them to your cat when they are using the post. This will encourage them to continue to use the post and may convince them that it is actually much better than their old scratching spot on the sofa or armchair.

If your cat uses their new scratching post regularly for a week or two, but then suddenly starts to scratch on other surfaces, it is likely time to replace the post with something similar and move the old cardboard one away from an innocuous area of the house. You can also try to persuade your cat to use the new scratching post again by rubbing it with dry catnip, placing some in the base or hanging a bag of it on the post. You can even place the post in front of a window and let your cat watch birds and other animals at the feeder from the comfort of their scratching pad.

Some cat owners find it useful to cover the area around their scratching posts and pads with heavy, double-sided sticky tape. This will discourage the cat from using other surfaces for scratching, while letting them feel free to explore and stretch out on their favorite posts or pads. This is also an excellent way to keep a new scratching post from getting too worn out too quickly, by keeping it covered in sticky tape until the cat decides that it is once again their preferred scratching spot.

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