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Why does marketing automation increase sales by 220% for startups and SMEs?

Tea Marketing automation The market is growing at an incredible rate. Thanks to its affordability and the key characteristics of being an enabler and accelerator, now more and more startups and small businesses are signing up to take advantage of its benefits.

Do you need more reasons?

Review these quick FAQs to learn why marketing automation is the undisputed armor on a startup kitty.

Q. As a startup founder, I’m willing to go for the free trial, but why would I want to use it thereafter?

A. More than two-thirds of companies that sign up for a Marketing Automation free trial end up realizing that they should continue to use it.

Q. How long does it take to see initial ROI after automating my marketing system?

A. Of all the companies that use marketing automation, almost 3.75% experience a progressive ROI in the first year. For starters, this is insane!

Additionally, startups can increase their ROI by using marketing automation and can benefit from prominent features like zigihub micro-segmentation, which can improve campaign effectiveness by 40-50%.

Q. What is the biggest benefit of using marketing automation for my start-up?

A. The biggest benefit is the “time savings,” as reported by most marketers. Marketers have expressed satisfaction with the amount of time they have been able to save with marketing automation. It’s a tremendous time … time that can be used efficiently to accomplish other equally important tasks.

Q. What would my lead management look like after using it?

A. Marketing Automation (MA) automatically captures twice as many leads as businesses generate with a basic email system.

Q. How does marketing automation help grow my small business?

A. Small businesses using AM outperform their competitors by 63%, based on a finding from Lenskold Group.

And what is more?

Companies using the MA system have reported a whopping 451% increase in qualified leads, according to a Wishpond study.

To top it all, startups have seen their sales increase by 220% after using Marketing Automation.

That for one, is a great number!

Simply put, your startup or business journey can best be seen through this flowchart … which outlines the role and importance of marketing automation and what it can do to the success of your business.

Clever! That is challenging work!

Yes, but there are trusted experts like zigihub who can do this job for you effortlessly with their built-in smart algorithms.

zigihub is a marketing automation platform for businesses and sales and marketing professionals to bring all their marketing efforts under one umbrella. Using data science and machine learning algorithms, this CRM platform makes the job of marketers easy and makes the entire marketing process child’s play. For small businesses, MA is full of advantages, as it literally eliminates a large chunk of time-consuming efforts, allowing businesses to scale faster.

The enablers of marketing automation

Campaign management

Create, run, and evaluate cross-channel campaigns; Micro-segmentation of customers based on behavior, purchasing patterns, demographics, etc. to run specific campaigns.

Event driven marketing

Triggered responses are generated based on customer-specific personal events, such as birthdays or after payments, subscriptions, sign-up for free trials, website visits, etc.

Website monitoring

The integrated website monitoring system uses smart analytics to increase website traffic and lead conversion rate.

Social media integration

Integrate various social media channels into your marketing strategy by engaging clients in the digital world, identifying and gaining a holistic view of your existing clients.

The zigihub social media integration works efficiently towards 360? understanding of the client’s social behavior. It uses fuzzy logic algorithms to match active social media users in the customer base.

Junk mail

On-the-fly targeting of customers and leads to send personalized marketing messages through templates to increase open rates.

The accelerators of marketing automation

Personalized communication

To attract customers, segmented lists are created based on their behavior, interests and activities to send personalized messages.

Customer Profiles

Summarize your customers and create individual profiles based on their specific buying patterns, demographics, etc. It is known as customer profiling.

Reference engine

The Marketing Automation and CRM platform zigihub uses more than 60 algorithms through predictive analytics and machine learning to identify the most promising leads and offers.

Customers increasingly expect to receive product recommendations that match their preferences, purchase history, and tastes.

Campaign effectiveness

Monitoring and evaluating campaigns closely to improve their effectiveness is crucial to the success of any campaign. It includes detailed information about analyzes such as opened, read, deleted, etc.

MA platforms are retaining the existing customer base by strategically developing their tools according to customer tastes and preferences. This helps to offer novelty, safeguard the interests of customers and make them feel valued.

These MA attributes work in perfect harmony to power a starter and help small businesses grow.

So, if you are planning to start your own business or already have a start-up or small and medium business, you will find all the synergies related to marketing provided by Marketing Automation.

As most marketers who use it say, it is a miracle solution for startups and SMEs.

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