What Is Indoor Air Quality?

Indoor Air Quality What is indoor air quality? The quality of air in a building is a reflection of the overall health of occupants. Some pollutants are more harmful than others. For instance, some buildings are not properly ventilated, leading to poor indoor air quality. Other sources of poor indoor AQ include smoking in a building, cleaning products, and office […]

Online Prenatal Yoga Teacher’s Training Course 2021

Yoga Teacher’s Training Course 2021 An Online Prenatal Yoga Teacher’s Training Course is the perfect way to teach this special form of exercise. This program will teach you about the many physical, emotional, and mental changes that occur during pregnancy, so you can safely guide your students through the benefits of this powerful practice. After completing this course, you will […]

Yoga Alliance Meditation Teacher Training Online

Yoga Alliance Meditation Teacher If you’re considering becoming a meditation teacher, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’d like to work with a diverse group of people, or want to teach your own classes in your home, you’ll find the Yoga Alliance’s online course to be an excellent choice. This online course teaches the theory and philosophy of […]

3 easy steps to lose weight fast

If you don’t have strong willpower, then hunger will make you give up on these plans altogether. The 3-step plan I’m going to outline for you will be … • Reduce your appetite quite significantly • Allows you to lose weight quickly without leaving you hungry • Improve your metabolic health at the same time All of these methods are […]

Ten Reasons I Love Johannesburg – Part 1

I was recently assigned to a beautiful country near the seashore, with clean white beaches that can be walked for miles and miles. The people were welcoming, the food and shopping was great. And as I walked along the beach, I thought how lucky I was to be able to travel to this beautiful country. However, I wouldn’t trade it […]

Body image change Physical transformation methods popularized by the media

In the last decade, there have been two wildly successful media events that have changed the world’s perspective on fitness and weight loss. First, Bill Phillips popularized the 12-week Body-for-LIFE transformation with his training method, meal replacement shakes, real-life before and after photos, and huge prize money. So … a lot of people have bought the best-selling book, Body-for-LIFE, and […]

Candida diet breakfast cereals

A friend of mine thought she read somewhere that Cheerios were fine for candida diet breakfast if cereal is needed. He wonders if that’s true because he can’t seem to find it in his book now and is desperate for breakfast. This is her first breakfast and this morning she tried oatmeal, a kind of waffle, a rice cake, sardines, […]

Women’s health: nutrition during pregnancy is for all women of childbearing age

During pregnancy, your nutritional needs will increase. Even before you get pregnant, it’s a good idea to do your best to start eating healthy and taking a multivitamin for women. A prenatal multivitamin is a better option during pregnancy. Let’s start with the recommended daily food intake during pregnancy. DURING PREGNANCY: 7 or more fruits and vegetables (3 fruits / […]