The 40-30-30 nutrition plan

In my previous article I explained how to determine the number of calories you need on a daily basis to lose weight. Remembering that this is not an exact science, you need to record your results to see if they are working for you. This article will give you a method for dividing your food servings known as 40/30/30. The […]

How to get rid of back fat fast

When people have gained weight, the weight is sometimes distributed a little more over a larger area than other areas of the body. How to get rid of back fat quickly can be answered in three words: diet and cardio. It is impossible to target an isolated area of ​​your body in the hope of losing weight only there. The […]

What is your favorite flour?

Flour has always been an integral element of the fundamentals of Indian food. It doesn’t matter if the cuisine is from North India, South, East or West; Every housewife relies heavily on a basic type of flour for her daily preparations. The interesting part is that most modern Indian cuisines rely heavily on a particular type of flour, such as […]