Do you want to lower high blood pressure?

I was diagnosed with high blood pressure (hypertension) about three years ago. After a series of tests, my doctor told me there was no medical reason for my having high blood pressure; it had to be hereditary. Since there is no medical reason why you had high blood pressure, then it could be changed. I decided to lower it and […]

Safety Considerations for Plyometric Training

Plyometric exercises are explosive movements that use strength and speed to generate power. Imagine Coby Bryant or Michael Jordan jumping for a dunk, plyometric training, at least in part, makes it possible. Since they are high-impact and explosive, they present their own “brand,” so to speak, of training safety mandates. After all, you’re dealing upper and lower body punches. Unlike […]

Use Dumbbell Cardio instead of an aerobic workout

Most athletes wouldn’t even consider using dumbbells for cardio. In fact, most athletes don’t even use weights at a fraction of their full potential. Well, that’s about to change…if you decided to take my advice. Training programs are traditionally divided into resistance training (such as weight lifting) and cardio (such as jogging, rowing, or biking). Or these two types of […]

Home fitness equipment and you

There are many good reasons why you should care about your physical health and protect yourself from the increasing number of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity that threaten both men and women today. Home fitness equipment allows you to get fit in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Bring the gym to your home. The advantages of exercising […]

Low carb diet: miracle or myth?

A low-carb diet that strictly restricts carbohydrate intake is very effective in regulating the hormone insulin. Insulin is what controls the uptake of glucose by the blood cells. In this way, insulin regulates blood sugar levels. The glucose that is absorbed into the cells is then used to meet energy requirements. When there is more glucose than the cell needs […]

Kre Alkalyn Side Effects: Are You In Danger?

Honestly, when I researched this supplement, I couldn’t find out much about the side effects of Kre Alkalyn. If taken correctly, it would appear that people taking the supplement do not experience any side effects. It should be noted that if you do not follow the instructions when using Kre Alkalyn, some side effects may become apparent. While Kre Alkalyn, […]