Indoor plants that purify the air in your home and office

Scientists have investigated the effects of indoor plants on humans. In a 2008 study, conducted with Dutch researchers, plants were placed in hospital rooms to see if they could determine any medical or emotional benefits from having plants; the results were intriguing. The study found that patients who had indoor plants reported experiencing reduced levels of stress during their stay […]

10 insider tips for direct response

With the proliferation of media options available today, consumer marketing has become more sophisticated, and seemingly more challenging and expensive, than ever. Especially when some of your direct competitors are on local television or even the web, it can seem like your humble promotional efforts are meager at best. Don’t believe it for a second. There is no reason why […]

Christmas Tradition – Kids Christmas Pajamas

Each family develops its own unique Christmas traditions. Christmas is the only season when some traditions are passed down from generation to generation, while others are born out of the desire to do something new and meaningful for your family unit. Family traditions create happy Christmas memories for young and old. For many people, the food associated with the event […]

Comfort Sleepers: reinventing today’s sofa beds

Most of us have experienced a sofa bed at least once in our lives and the experience is usually quite memorable. However, it’s not necessarily a good thing to remember. Often times, traditional sofa beds have been found to be too hard, uncomfortable, and far from providing a pleasant sleeping experience at night. Most of the complaints we bring up […]

The true meaning of motherhood

I remember when I didn’t have my son yet and I always listened to mothers talk about the things their children did. Sometimes she participated in conversations, but always from the point of view of someone whose experience was caring for a cousin or a friend’s child. Back then it was almost annoying to be in the company of a […]