Top 5 Reasons We Love Retro Games

#5. Games were simpler in the past Video games have undoubtedly become more ambitious and impressive in recent years. When you look at the likes of The Last Of Us, it’s impossible to overstate how far video games have come since people played Pong forty-odd years ago. But despite all the innovations within the medium, and all the new ideas […]

An overview of the LG GD880 Mini

In response to the increasingly demanding public who want a mobile phone that is compact, stylish yet easy to use, but not lacking in features, LG has introduced the impressive GD880 Mini. Modern mobile phones need to be more than just a communications device, and support for the user’s own media, such as audio and video files, has often become […]

LG KC910 – The Pioneer

In the modern era marked by the presence of 3G touch screen phones, LG KC910 comes as another contender on the world stage. But dismissing it by saying ‘just another 3G phone’ could be a serious mistake. Yes, the offering of the big mobile phone manufacturers ‘LG’ is nothing but a remarkable creation in the world of mobile phone fraternity. […]

Samsung P520 – The Intriguing Phone

The Samsung P520 mobile phone is an impressive phone that has all the features to devour your worries. The Samsung P520 or Armani device is the perfect combination of advanced technology and style. The latest Samsung P520 phone has an internal memory of 60 MB. Its storage capacity can be further expanded by using a microSD card. This tempting mobile […]

5 tricks to speed up Windows

Do you want to know how to speed up Windows? It seems that this is the old question. Ever since Windows 95 came out, people wanted it to load and run faster. Compared to old Windows, computers run pretty fast. However, we are now used to fast startups and fast charging. Therefore, when the computer starts to slow down, we […]

How to have the best fall ever

Fall is the perfect time to create all kinds of fun family memories. After reading this article, you will know how to have one of the best fall seasons with your kids. Go to a farm and pumpkin patch. Find a farm where you can pick pumpkins, ride in carriages, and see animals. You may even be able to pick […]