Shadow of the Colossus Review (PS4)

It was in 2005 that Shadow of the Colossus graced the PS2 and became one of the best PS2 games, if not the best. Thirteen years later, this timeless classic has been reintroduced with a fresh coat of paint for today’s generation of gamers. So how does it hold up? In this review, we will go over all aspects of […]

Top Ten Reasons People File Bankruptcy

1. Eliminate the legal obligation to pay many of your debts. This process of cleaning the board is called debt discharge. The goal of a discharge is to reduce debt to give you a fresh start. Either through direct bankruptcy (Chapter 7 bankruptcy) or through reorganization (Chapter 13 bankruptcy), most or all of your debts can be discharged. 2. Stop […]

Choosing the right water filter for your home

Vibrant civilizations and good water were becoming history, but the invention of the water filter revived the goodness of water, which in turn supported health. Filtered water has a variety of other household applications such as cleaning, plant water, and more. The electronic water filter purifies the water restoring the taste, health and purity without odors needed for drinking. The […]

How do I train my Labrador Retriever to hunt?

In addition to being wonderful companions, Labradors are also excellent hunting dogs. When our breed was founded in Newfoundland, it was our special hunting characteristics that made Labradors so popular with hunters and fishermen alike. These traits that made us so effective for hunting were hunted by early Labrador Retriever breeders, and they continue to be desirable traits for Labrador […]