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A fascinating house that offers everything the heart could desire

What is the design of the house of your dreams? While everyone may have a different version of the palace they would call their ideal home, they would all have a certain amount of fixtures and appliances, spaciousness, lighting, and ventilation for a good life. A swimming pool, a rock garden and patio, an auditorium and a garage are some of the facilities we might think of in addition to well-designed living and sleeping rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, as well as office and electronic facilities. A basement and attic could provide additional storage space and a large rear and garden area would allow for hobbies such as flowers and gardening.

The security aspect, in addition to the regular supply of power and water, is essential for a successful and modern life that needs to be productive. Many office-turned-residences have made it large, convenient, without the need to travel every day and expose yourself to pollution and danger. Plus, you save time and money every time you get down to business.

Reforms, extensions and reforms

While not everyone is lucky enough to live in a fabulous dream home, perhaps a 4,000 square foot area comprising two or three floors, adjustments can be made to the existing setup and arranged for the best possible facilities. Partial demolition and construction of additions, retrofitting of doors and windows, and boundary walls made taller with increased security needs may be necessary. Identify what is really missing, such as an additional bedroom, a second bathroom, and a garage. In addition to the functional aspect, embellishment is perhaps lacking and a patio or rock garden might appeal, along with an arched doorway.

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When deciding a home’s value and curb appeal or sales potential, buyers look for amenities, a solid structure and design plan, along with natural and artificial lighting. Neutral colors with a variety of textures and patterns add aesthetic values. Outside, plants and foliage must be found or spaces available for this purpose.

An inspiring home view

Modern open plan layouts dramatically place the living and dining areas adjacent to each other. Although they are not separated by walls or curtains, the color scheme and furniture indicate which is which. A chandelier over the glass-topped dining table would set the mood. A vertical garden along the dining room could bring in fresh greenery.

The kitchen becomes the heart of the residence.

Paired with a spectacular multi-purpose kitchen island, stainless cabinets and appliances along with layered lighting melt away stress. What else would you add to the ideal house?

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