A review of the 1990 Dodge Dakota

The best car I’ve ever owned has been serving me for 16 years, which is my 1990 Dodge Dakota. It never let me down, although I’ve always had a hard time. And it’s been that way from the beginning when I got my truck to work, not to show off. As a construction contractor, I’ve been through 16 years of hard work, and my 1990 Dodge Dakota has been there the entire time. Work hard at least five days a week; move from one place to another, transport tools, machines, supplies and everything that comes to mind.
I’ve been pretty rough with my truck, tossing everything mentioned in the back and running up and down, side to side, sometimes even adding a trailer for the extras. Making sure that I was not being difficult only with the body, but also with the engine, with the added loads and the pursuit of deadlines, I was never disappointed. It’s always been great and I don’t want to pass it up.

Everyone knows that older cars are much more expensive to maintain compared to newer ones, but I know that my 1990 Dodge Dakota still has a lot to offer. But at the moment it is no longer the same truck. The engine loses power, especially when with heavier loads, it even stalls from time to time. Considering that you can never imagine it unless it actually happened to you, I daresay it’s scary to stand in the middle of nowhere in an old truck with a trailer in the back.

However, not being good for me now does not mean that I cannot serve someone else well. I hope my 1990 Dodge Dakota goes to a student or a college student, to use it to move his stuff to and from school, for picnics, to go to soccer practice with him and things like that. With easy jobs like these it will still work very well and I am sure because for the same purpose I used my mother’s minivan back in the day and if I could do it my Dodge can do it safely. I also hope that the next owner of my 1990 Dodge Dakota is almost as happy with it as I am, it would be so sad if it goes to waste.

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