Do Escape Rooms Have Emergency Exit Points?

Escape Rooms Have Emergency Exit

Escape rooms are booming in popularity. These puzzle-solving adventures have been adopted by businesses for team-building and by families for a fun night out. They’re so popular that Red Bull even runs an escape room World Championship and Columbia Pictures released a movie about one. But what happens if the game stops being fun? What if there’s an accident or fire? Do escape rooms have emergency exits?

Most escape rooms create an illusion of being locked in through immersive atmosphere, interactive puzzles, and a few tricks. While it’s easy to get excited about this immersive experience, it’s also important to ask questions about safety measures and emergency exits.

Thankfully, escape rooms are generally safe experiences for players get more information. In the aftermath of a deadly fire at an escape room in Poland in January 2019, the industry responded by reinforcing safety regulations. Now, the vast majority of escape rooms are inspected regularly for basic safety codes like ensuring that emergency exits are open at all times. But some escape rooms still use a variety of strategies to create the impression that participants are locked in and can’t leave, which can be dangerous for visitors.

Do Escape Rooms Have Emergency Exit Points?

In most cases, escape rooms don’t physically lock players in. The door is usually kept shut with a magnetic lock that will automatically open if the power is cut, or if a large button by the door is pressed. This type of system is commonly used in escape room games because it’s easy to implement and doesn’t require any additional equipment that might distract players from solving the puzzles.

However, some escape room companies use more elaborate systems that may not comply with NFPA or IBC codes. For example, some have hidden a key somewhere in the room that can be used to unlock the door. Despite the fact that this method doesn’t meet code requirements, some escape room operators believe it provides an excellent way to make the experience more realistic and fun.

Some escape rooms simply leave a key on a chain next to the door. This allows players to quickly and easily leave if necessary, and it doesn’t interrupt the experience or take away from the overall theme of the game. In addition to these physical emergency exits, most escape rooms also have a number of other tools available to help players stay safe and enjoy the experience.

The most important thing is to communicate with your teammates, be mindful of your surroundings, and remember that the game isn’t a life or death situation. If you’re concerned about a company’s safety policies, contact them directly to discuss your concerns. Most reputable escape room companies will be happy to address your questions and provide you with a safe and exciting experience. Just be sure to keep a flashlight handy in case you need to shine it on invisible clues and puzzles! And don’t forget to check out our other top tips for a fun and safe escape room adventure.

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