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Five Creative Contents for YouTube Live Streaming

Live streaming has hit social media in such a short time and now it has almost gobbled them up as we see everyone trying out the live streaming service on the popular apps. If you are a YouTuber looking for content to make live videos, this might be the place for you. It happens several times that we are looking forward to going live and we assume that we are just going to talk to the audience and have a good time, but as you go live you become clueless! But once you have the right content, ideas can spring up.
Here are some of the content ideas for your YouTube channel that you can use for your live stream:
You are an artist? If so, going live and showing viewers how to paint might be a great idea. How about finishing a painting on a live video or making a video on demand of them and painting what they are demanding? This will keep your audience interested as requested videos get high viewing scores.

kitchen room
Chef or no chef, it doesn’t matter, but if you love cooking and have a talent for it, you can share your own exclusive recipes and delight your audience. Cooking live will be beneficial for viewers since you will be able to clear all their doubts in real time, so they will prefer a live video to a pre-recorded program.

Yoga classes are usually expensive and a live video can always be a good alternative. In live video, real time makes it easier for viewers to feel like they actually have an instructor watching them at the moment and that you can easily answer their questions.

music and dance
Dance and music are one of the most viewed videos online, it has been the best form of entertainment since ancient times and people are always willing and eager to learn these skills.

fashion tips
Everyone needs some good fashion advice, and if you have the chops for it, why not help your viewers? You can try different outfits and show the audience what to pair with which piece, how to accessorize, etc.

Traveling to some exotic place or not, it doesn’t matter, a trip always has good content. Viewers enjoy seeing the places you visit and hearing your reviews, it’s like going on an adventure with you, so it will always be content that will engage viewers.

For live streaming on a YouTube channel, make sure you have a server that won’t let you down and provide good quality video that will ensure your audience watches all of the video and comes back for more.

live box
Livebox is a powerful live streaming server that comes with its own hardware, it’s a single server that basically gives you everything you need, from features to settings to built-in software, Livebox has it all.
With Livebox, live streaming becomes a simple process that would otherwise take hours to set up. It helps you distribute your videos to various social media platforms and allows you to create high-quality videos without any hassle.

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