How to Find Student Accommodation in Glasgow

Find Student Accommodation in Glasgow

There are a number of ways to find student accommodation in Glasgow, from halls of residence to private flats. The most important thing is to find a place that is within walking distance of the university or college and that is safe. It is also important to choose a location that has good public transport links, either by bus or train. To help with this, you can use SPT’s journey planner or check out the train and bus network maps on the FirstBus website.

The Glasgow student accommodation that you choose should have a variety of amenities and services, including all-inclusive bills, Wi-Fi, car parking, bike storage, laundry facilities, and catering for your midday and midnight snacks. It should also provide 24/7 assistance, contents insurance, and maintenance support. In addition, there should be a social space and a service desk. These are important features in any property, but you should ensure that the property you are considering has them before you sign a contract.

You can find a range of Glasgow student accommodation that meets your budget and needs by searching for flats or shared rooms on sites like Gumtree and Spare Room. The websites can offer a range of options, from a single room in a house to a large apartment in a tower block. They can also advise on whether you need a deposit or a guarantor, and you can check landlord accreditation online.

How to Find Student Accommodation in Glasgow

Many of the universities in Glasgow have their own student housing. They are usually well located, and some have an internet connection, which is not always the case in private flats. They also have a community area, where students can meet and chat with each other. Some have gyms and sports teams. If you need a temporary place to stay while waiting for your student accommodation to become available, the universities will often help you to find a hotel or youth hostel that is close by.

Students can choose from a range of Glasgow student accommodation, including light and spacious studios and en suite bedrooms. Buchanan View, for example, is ideal for students at Glasgow Caledonian and Strathclyde universities, as it offers a variety of room sizes and amenities. The property is also a short walk from the city centre.

In recent years, the demand for student accommodation in Glasgow has outstripped supply. This has been partly due to the pandemic and COP-26, but it is also because the university has simply accepted too many new students. In some cases, the university has had to buy additional bed spaces in order to keep its promise of providing a guarantee for accommodation.

Student accommodation often provides support services to assist students in navigating their college journey. Accommodation staff members are trained to offer guidance and support, addressing any concerns or challenges that students may encounter. They can provide information about academic resources, campus services, and local amenities. Additionally, some accommodations offer academic support programs, mentoring services, and counseling resources. By offering support services, accommodation providers create an environment where students feel supported and empowered to succeed academically and personally.

In the event that you cannot secure student accommodation in your preferred building, try to remain calm. Most student landlords will allow you to end your tenancy with just 28 days notice, so you can move on to another property that better meets your needs. The majority of student homes in Scotland are regulated through HMO licensing, so you should make sure that the property is fully compliant with these regulations.

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