How To Make A Girl Want You Using Mixed Signals: 7 Tricks Most Guys Don’t Even Know About

You could be one of those people who is often rejected by women because you’re just a “nice guy.” If this nice guy label has been following you for a while, then it’s time to take a break. Men often wonder what women want, but the truth is, most women don’t know what they want in a man. Here are some ways to use this confusion on women by sending mixed signals to attract them to you.

be in control

From the time you’ve been with her, she was the one making all the decisions, deciding what to do and where to go. Get a grab man and take the controls away from him. Once you are in control, you will find that she appreciates you.


Being predictable is very boring. Women often know what men are going to do and how they are going to react to a particular thing or situation. Being unpredictable will keep her on edge as she won’t be able to anticipate your actions.

Being involved but distant

Give him your undivided attention at one point, but be a little standoffish after a while. Your goal is to make him feel that, while he is important, you have other things on your mind that need attention and your time. By doing so, you will be moving away from the category of men called doormats. It is this category that most men generally fall into when they want to attract a girl.

touch restricted

If you’re dating a girl, keep touching a bit to the limit. You want her to feel that you are interested in her, so basic touches such as lightly and occasionally touching her hand, face or hair should establish her interest. However, don’t overdo it by touching it every chance you get. Touching as little as possible will make the girl crave your touch and increase her interest in you.

mixed moods

While you want the girl to see your sweeter, kinder side, you also don’t want her to feel like sweetness is the only aspect of your personality. She learns to balance this aspect of your personality with your other moods, such as intensity, aggressiveness, etc., so that she is attracted to you.

Take care of their likes and dislikes.

While you are distant, pay attention to what she is saying. This will give you a good idea of ​​her likes and dislikes. Give her an unpretentious gift that doesn’t overtly suggest any romantic intent, but does establish the fact that you’ve been paying attention. She’ll probably be touched by this gesture, but she won’t know if you’re looking at her as “just a good friend” or if you like her. This curiosity will attract her more to you.

Create the need

Being around all the time just makes you look like a lost puppy. Hang out with your girl, but give her some time to miss you. Don’t overdose her with your presence. If you pay enough attention to her and then walk away from her for a while, she’ll start thinking about you and want to see you more.

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