NFL The Game – Madden 08 on PSP

Released last month, NFL Madden 08 for PSP is a good football game but not as good as the game that came out last year. The game still has bugs that were not fully removed from last year’s issue. Examples of these are punt returns by receiving teams. Punt returners often display confused actions about what to do with the ball. Other mistakes include receivers and defensive backs getting tangled up without receiving a whistle from the referee for a pass interference call. It doesn’t happen very often, but it gets frustrating for a player if it does.

What’s new in Madden NFL 08?

The addition of the “weapon system” on Madden PSP seems to be a great new feature. Yes it is, but this one is pretty obvious on console systems like PlayStation 3 and Xbox, where you can tell specific types of players apart. With icons attached to each player, you can now tell the difference between an average quarterback or a clutch quarterback, a fast receiver from a powerful receiver. Planning your game strategy is more exciting because now you can take advantage of the mismatches between the opposing teams. With the PSP version, all the players seem to play and act in the same way. There is no distinction if the player is an average gamer or a superstar, so the excitement is not the same as playing the console version. Another added feature is Madden NFL 08’s Superstar Preview mode. It replaced last year’s End-2-End. These are the best play scenarios from last season in the NFL and this will give you the opportunity to play them yourself. However, there are only 25 of these scenarios and you can probably finish them all in a couple of days.

last word

NFL the Game, Madden 08 for PSP is a good football game as it was last year. PSP graphics are crisper and sharper with the ability to make out player faces and the details of their uniforms. The game still has a long way to go to be classified as a top-tier soccer game. If you have Madden 07, you can definitely get by without Madden 08. It just isn’t worth the extra cost you’ll incur. The game is pretty much the same with minor modifications.

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