Tally’s Hacking: An Endless Struggle for Tally

India has a list of successful companies to brag about in the software services space. Despite being the world leader in the IT space, we are nowhere near the global giants in the product segment. Many reasons can be cited, including the lack of motivation to replace R&D activities. However, there are few organizations that have walked the road less traveled and tasted success as well. Tally Solutions is certainly one of them. The organization is one of those that changed the perception that software systems are destined to be expensive and complex. He made them accessible and affordable for everyone. Tally has almost been forced into bookkeeping. However, the list of accolades ends there. With all the promise it exemplified, the company, more than two decades in existence, hasn’t moved much beyond its territories. According to a Tally insider, hacking has affected the company in a major way.

Over the years, what we have seen is a huge loss in value. There are around 40 lakh companies in India. Until now, IT hardware and software vendors have addressed only 50% of it. Tally has around 7 lakh registered users, but there is also the fact that most of them use hacked versions. According to third-party research conducted a few years ago, around 90% of Tally usage occurs through pirated copies. The good news is that it is now down to about 70%. Piracy is one of the major issues that have been worrying everyone. Sometimes it seems impossible. On the other hand, businesses in mature markets like the US that started at the same time as counting software now they have become big money organizations. This is because the piracy rate in such countries is around 25%.

Given the diversity and breadth of our customer base, it is not physically possible to track and stop piracy on the end-user side. Unfortunately, the business is not growing at the rate it needs to be and is only growing incrementally. It has the potential to grow very large and can achieve at least 3x growth if not more. This is not the case just for Tally software, but for the entire IT industry. Tally with its latest full version Tally ERP 9 marks its presence in 54 cities through more than 9,700 partners. The organization has more than 1,000 employees operating in 14 cities. With the business spreading across the globe, the accounting expert hopes to counter the hacking threat hanging over him and offer more sophisticated versions in the near future.

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