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The MTV VMAs Story of Surprising and Amusing the World – Part 1

The first VMAs occurred in 1984. Ronald Reagan, a former actor, was president. It was held at Radio City Music Hall for the first MTV VMAs. In one of their recent interviews, MTV executives said they were having a hard time getting guests to perform on the show since they were just getting started. No one was paying attention to them. They approached Madonna, who was also starting out at some point but was already quickly establishing herself as a radical singer, to open for the show. Surprisingly, he agreed, but he has exclusive rights to what he will do on stage.

She decided to open the show in her lace wedding dress singing Like A Virgin. She had a wardrobe malfunction when her dress was pulled down while performing exposing herself to the whole world. The MTV VMAs revealed their trophy design, which is a picture of Buzz Aldrin saluting the American flag on his first trip to the moon. Michael Jackson took home three of these for Thriller.

Pop music was never the same again.

In 1985, Eddie Murphy hosted the show. This year, more A-class celebrities agreed to perform, including Sting. The highlight of the night, however, was the all-star ensemble USA for Africa led by Michael Jackson, Tina Turner and Bruce Springsteen.

Madonna was involved in two more historical moments. She was being interviewed when Courtney Love started throwing things at her. The last one is her lip with Britney Spears and Cristina Aguillera. Britney and Christina took the stage for the first time singing the same song that Madonna sang on the first MTV VMA, Like A Virgin. They were both the girlfriends. Madonna came out as the groom and kissed them both.

Another returning figure is Michael Jackson. He introduced his girlfriend, Lisa Marie Presley, to the world by opening the VMAs with Lisa Marie in hand. After saying, “And everyone thought, this won’t last,” he kissed his girlfriend. It was the first time the world saw Michael Jackson kissing a woman in public.

Two more unforgettable moments involved a dress. Lil Kim appeared in a closet that left little to the imagination. A private part is really exposed. Howard Stern was going to duplicate it a bit. He appeared with his rear fully exposed. He even interrupted Metallica’s acceptance speech to show the world and the band a personal and up-close encounter. One of those rare moments where Metallica is overshadowed.

Perhaps one of the shocking, weird, and funny moments happened recently. Taylor Swift saying “I let you finish, but Beyonce made one of the best videos of all time. Of all time.” He has apologized several times.

MTV VMA remains the most exciting awards show that aims to give all of us a glimpse into the crazy business of music and celebrities.

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