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“The Secret of the Public Domain” – What’s the catch? – Part 5 of 7

What is the public domain?

Public domain content is all material that no longer legally belongs to anyone. The absence of property entitles everyone to use it for any purpose. Unfortunately, only a few people know how to act on their unlimited potential. It’s time for you to learn and apply the lessons collected by Kneb Knebaih in his eBook The Public Domain Secret.

Kneb’s The Public Domain Secret offers tons of exclusive featured content. But like anything else, it also has some weaknesses that may be a major concern for some. Below are some of the remaining positive features, while the rest are some of the areas where the ebook can improve.

Get over 7 additional related resource materials

As a bonus, Kneb also added some equally useful and commendable eBooks. This includes Mass Control Revealed written by Frank Kern on how to influence people’s actions. Another is the Niche Fishing Video and Audio course on Niche Marketing written by Vondre’ Whaley. Sebastián Saldarriaga’s 80-minute Nichos Explosivos/Marketers Ricos videos are also a bonus worth pocketing. The audio course titled How to Win in Any Niche by Stephen Pierce and Patric Chan is a great addition to this valuable collection. Three other unannounced bonuses are for promotion buyers.

Case studies of 12 successful companies using public domain content

As proof of the pudding, real case studies of approximately 12 household names that found commercial success thanks to public domain content are also cited to further illustrate the profitability of this company. You may not have realized it before, but the public domain has been feeding giant corporations and entities since time immemorial. You too may have a part of this untapped resource.

There is no perfect book that can meet everyone’s expectations.

Anyone who claims their book is flawless is probably just exaggerating to get you to hand over your hard-earned money. The Public Domain Secret is no exception to this reality. Since the author is not a full-time expert writer, some technical and physical aspects are not fully polished.

Lack of a professionally designed book cover

The first flaw you will find with the book is the absence of a professionally designed book cover. If this ebook was published on paper, it would lack an attractive book cover to attract bookworms. It would probably be unsold most of the time. When you buy the e-book, it doesn’t give you that satisfying feeling that you have a real book. It’s like buying an eraser.

Lack of a professionally designed eBook cover

A book is valued by its cover and an e-book is valued by its e-cover. Aside from lacking a book cover. You will also not find any catchy electronic covers anywhere on the web page. Instead, you will feel like buying a manuscript. There’s no fancy electronic cover to entice you to peek behind the pages. Any. Only the sales copy package on the website.

Poor page layout

Just by scanning the pages or browsing the headers, you will quickly notice the poor layout of the pages. The page numbers are all in the lower right hand corner. Chapters begin and end with no blank pages between them. All the formalities of the book are omitted: there is no acknowledgment, preface, prologue, or bibliography. Just the title page, copyright page, comic strips, public domain graphics, a table of contents, and the content itself.

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