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Tired of Hearing About Robert Kiyosaki – A Robert Kiyosaki Review "Good and bad"

This will be the last article I will write about Robert Kiyosaki. I’ve been reading your books for years and it makes me sick to hear constantly about the so-called Robert Kiyosaki scam. The term “Robert Kiyosaki scam” only applies to people who are misled into thinking that the rich don’t have a price. In this article I will give you the right perspective on the man and what he does and what he does not have to offer.

I can say one thing about Robert Kiyosaki, and that is that he has walked the path. He has built a multi-million dollar business from scratch selling Velcro wallets. And even though his business failed, he went ahead and became known as an expert in areas such as finance, real estate, and investing.

His biggest hit was his Rich Dad, Poor Dad series, which sold more than 17 million copies. He is also known as a skilled motivational speaker and has managed to inspire a large number of people. He officially retired before the age of fifty and maintains a stake in Rich Dad Coaching.

Now let’s talk about what Robert Kiyosaki can and cannot do for you.

He can give you a better perspective on your personal finances and show you how to behave more like the rich when approaching wealth creation. But he cannot give you a vision for your entire life and a path to achieve that vision.

He can help motivate you toward your desire for financial success. But it cannot give you a clear path to reach it.

Having a vision and achieving it in your life is more than just getting rich. If it’s just about making a lot of money, why isn’t everyone rich? After all, we all want to be rich, right? People who succeed in life are motivated by much more than the almighty dollar. Successful people know that adding value to themselves comes first. If you are willing to work to add value to YOU, then wealth will definitely come with massive time and effort.

Don’t be fooled, like the rest of the masses, into thinking that there is someone out there who can lead you by your nose into a pot of gold. All you need is a vision and a system to be successful in life. You must be willing to constantly add value to yourself and develop a skill set that is marketable. The system is your way and you just need to be willing to put blood, sweat and tears.

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