Top 5 Art Shows in 2024

Top 5 Art Shows

From Kahlo in Paris and Munch in Oslo to hip hop in Toronto, horror in Melbourne, graphic design in Tokyo and Navajo tapestries in New York, 2024’s blockbuster exhibitions have something for everyone. Read on to discover our picks of the best art shows in 2024.

A gallery wall features works from local Ottawa artists and others across Canada and internationally. Rotating solo and group art shows are available for viewing year-round, and admission is free to visit the wall art website.

Designed to help visitors find their way, this self-guided map features the exhibitions on the first two floors of the museum, and provides an overview of the collection. The guide is augmented by a mobile app that allows visitors to see additional details about the artworks and access audio tours on their smartphones or tablets.

Top 5 Art Shows in 2024

The first-ever presentation in North America of the exquisite sculptural vessels of Dame Magdalene Odundo. A Gardiner Friend will have exclusive after-hours access to this exhibit as well as our other special exhibitions throughout the summer.

This exhibition traces the development of African-American artists’ relationship to the African Diaspora. It explores how artists used their connections to Africa to deepen their understanding of themselves and their artistic practice.

The exhibition features the work of 14 leading contemporary artists. Using the medium of clay, the artists depict the body in a range of postures and gestures to create works that capture the spirit of the human form.

With works ranging from paintings and drawings to sculpture, film and video, this exhibition explores the impact of hip hop on culture, society, and history through the lens of contemporary art. Featuring works from the renowned Canadian artist Deana Lawson, as well as fashion designers, architects, and photographers, this exhibition is a comprehensive look at hip hop’s seismic impact on culture and society.

Located in the Art Gallery of Ontario’s new Linde Family Wing for Contemporary Exhibitions, this major exhibition brings together more than 300 works from the iconic artist’s vast oeuvre to demonstrate his remarkable creativity.

Toronto, the vibrant and multicultural city of Canada, is adorned with a myriad of posters that not only serve as advertisements but also reflect the diverse tapestry of its inhabitants, their interests, and the issues that resonate within the community. From the bustling streets of downtown to the quaint neighborhoods nestled in its suburbs, Toronto posters are an integral part of the city’s visual landscape, encapsulating its essence and spirit.

One cannot stroll through the streets of Toronto without being captivated by the kaleidoscope of posters adorning walls, lampposts, and bulletin boards. These posters showcase a plethora of events, ranging from concerts and art exhibitions to political rallies and community gatherings. They serve as invitations, drawing residents and visitors alike into the rich tapestry of cultural experiences that Toronto has to offer.

A showcase of the work created by the graduating students of TMA’s Master of Curatorial Studies program, this exhibition offers a glimpse at the curatorial processes behind the exhibition and offers valuable experience for future curators. The exhibition consists of a series of small, curated exhibitions that explore topics of interest to TMA’s community of students and alumni.

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