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A True Lover’s Story: Told By A Woodcutter’s Wife

There is the story of a woman who had been a true lover. She showed all the ingredients of true love. In fact, she had a firm grip on the game rules in your married life; she was diplomatic and considerate of her husband. This was a story narrated by the Messenger of God, Muhammad (peace be upon him), to his companions. The Prophet said: “I asked a certain woman whose husband was a woodcutter how she treated her husband and she explained the following:”

She revealed that her husband was a woodcutter – who cut firewood and collected it in the mountains. And that he always came down from the mountain to sell them. She said that she then used her earnings to buy what was needed in her house. The woman then went on to say that she used to share with him those kinds of hardships that her husband had to go through for the sake of her livelihood. She also felt (in her) the severity of the thirst he had to endure on the mountain, which almost always burned her throat as well. Because of this, she always made him good drinking water, so that whenever she returned, he would find it readily available. Before he got home, she would tidy up the house (she would keep everything in its proper place) and then she would set the table.

She continued: “After all this, I put on my most beautiful dress, waiting for his return, and as soon as he walked in, I would greet him the way a bride would greet a groom she was deeply in love with.” loved. I would do it in total submission to myself.” The woman then suggested that whenever her husband needed rest, she would help him do it; then when he needed her, she would fall into his arms (allowing him to play with her) from the the same way a father would play with his daughter.

This poor hardworking woodcutter of a man had to endure the scorching Arabian sun in the mountains, just to be able to provide for his family. His wife did his part by providing him with a relaxed and convenient environment. The big question now is, how many of today’s men are willing to go to that extreme to earn a living and provide for their loved ones? How about the ladies too? Do they also try to reciprocate the hard work done by their husbands to keep their families intact?

The flirtations between a man and his wife are an indication of the continuation of love. After all, love is like a flower, which needs to be constantly watered. The “water” of this flower must be flirting with each other. The Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (peace be upon him), described a man who avoids having fun with his wife as cruel.

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