Prepaid calling cards and terrorism: where is it? "Chat" To go?

Does that necessarily mean that terrorist communications are not taking place, or does it just mean that terrorists have found other effective ways to carry their twisted plans across continents? The advent of prepaid calling cards and the proliferation of Voice over IP telephony have made mobile phones almost irrelevant. In a case study, a prominent telecommunications company A discovered […]

Top 10 Small Business Accounting Tips

These small business accounting tips will help you update your books and keep them that way in less time. They will help you stay in financial control and help you manage your working capital more effectively and safely. Before considering recording any transactions in your ledgers, organize your paperwork in your files according to these basic accounting concepts. It will […]

Caffeine blues

Well, I know this article will not be popular. Most of us are so addicted to caffeine that we don’t want to know. I’m writing this because when Stephen Cherniske MS’s “Caffeine Blues” came out, I knew I had to read it. Several years ago I began to realize that the coffee was much worse than what we had been […]

5 ways organizing a home helps sell it

Although most people would agree, the better the first impression, the greater the possibility of transforming a potential buyer into a serious one, many owners do not realize, or do not want or cannot accept, their beloved home, where they have spent a long time. time, you may need some adjustments for others to see it in the best light. […]

iClock: time clock for tracking employee time

Today’s time tracking solutions can boost productivity across the business. Very few offer cost savings while optimizing employee productivity alongside iClock, the newest and most innovative in their web-based time, HR, payroll and benefits tracking product line. iClock extends the general business trend of cost savings from decentralized systems to hosted web-based systems. Far from being a physical clock, iClock […]

Advantages of buying used office furniture

What is the advantage of buying used office furniture? Worth it? Today, with the economic conditions around the world, saving money is on the minds of all companies. The higher the budget that can be capped for non-personnel costs, the more hiring and job creation. Therefore, for this reason alone, the option to buy used office furniture is a worthwhile […]

It is a bullish sign when a company buys its own shares!

Dear Partner-Investor. Shareholders and investors of two blue-chip companies received good news on Monday, July 9, 2007, which has potentially bullish consequences in the long run. First, Johnson & Johnson announced the repurchase of up to $ 10 billion of its common shares. Then, ConocoPhillips announced the buyback of a $ 15 billion share buyback program, representing a $ 13 […]

Better ways to track employee attendance

The promptness of employees when they report to work is crucial to any business. It can hurt your business financially when workers don’t show up for work or take too much time off due to illness. Productivity goes down and owners lose a huge amount of money. There are several ways to ensure that the employee reports to work at […]