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Tips to protect your granite from cracking and sagging: there is a simple solution

Granite and other heavy stones or surfaces will crack and warp if left unprotected.

You may think that a surface like granite is strong and does not need protection against cracking or buckling, but you will find that if it is not properly protected, you will need a very expensive repair or replacement of your granite.

Granite is the choice for countertops, shelving, bathroom sink tops and more in interior and exterior use today. It is a beautiful natural stone and can provide long lasting enjoyment and appreciation.

If you are installing granite that has an overhang in your kitchen, bathroom, or outside counter, you will need, or your granite installer will need, to assess or determine if the overhang needs support underneath to protect your granite from buckling cracks.

Granite can crack or warp from the sheer weight of the protruding granite. Cracking or sagging can also occur through weight applied to the surface. For example, if you have a granite bar overhang and people are sitting on the bar and leaning on it with their elbows; is causing stress on the granite surface. Some people think that the granite can support their weight and it will sit on the granite overhang. Children love to hang on and swing from things, like countertops. These are things that can present a problem for your granite or other heavy counter surfaces.

Yes, granite is strong, hard and beautiful and will provide lasting beauty and enjoyment, but at the same time, when suspended beyond a supporting surface, you will need a support brace in the form of angle brackets, braces or corbels.

Determined by your granite installer, you will know if you need support, and if so, what type of support or bracing is required for your particular situation.

There are several types of braces or corbels that will support a suspended surface. They are known as angle supports or corbels. Angle support corbels or corbels come in various materials such as plastic, wood, thin metal, cast iron, and heavy-duty wrought iron along with other materials.

With a heavy surface, you’ll want to get the best support available. You don’t want to settle for inferior material such as plastic, cast iron, or a thin metal. The wood is available for indoor use, but will deteriorate over time through the elements and weather in outdoor conditions. Heavy-duty wrought iron is a good choice for indoor use and is ideal for outdoor use as a support for countertops, pergolas, pergolas, or other bracing needs.

You’ll find that wrought iron angle brackets, or iron corbels as some call them, come in various sizes and styles that will actually accentuate your surface and enhance through your design flair.

It is important to determine the size and quantity of angle support bracket needed for proper coverage and support. This is established via the depth of the surface and the length of the surface. It is best to bring the depth of the bracket to within 2-3″ of the depth of the granite or counter surface. The number of brackets is determined by the length and the spacing between the brackets. The bracket spacing is 24″ to 30″ as a general rule of thumb. Again, your installer or professional can make this determination for you.

With all of this information in mind, you’ll find several great websites with excellent heavy-duty support products for home improvement and commercial use of granite or other heavy surfaces. Do some research and buy the best quality, granite backed, and you will enjoy your granite, worry and worry free for years to come.

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