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Use a webinar to build a list both before and after a webinar

Have you already done a webinar? Or have you at least listened to or attended a webinar? It’s a live online event, usually one to two hours, where a person can present their computer screen, present a PowerPoint slide or a web page, and live on that call, deliver some type of narration or training.

The great thing about a webinar is that you can teach one to many, you can have hundreds of people show up, you can give a paid class, you can teach for free, you can pitch, and what’s also great is that webinars are great business building tools in so many ways because you can use your existing contacts to get more people to show up. You can use webinars to build relationships. You can use webinars to get new leads and new buyers.

The easiest thing you can do to attract more people to a webinar is to contact your existing leads and have them show up to your webinar. This means that if you’re building an email subscriber list using a service like AWeber, you need to write a quick email, give your subscribers your webinar link, get hundreds and hundreds of people to sign up and attend this live event.

Another great tool is this thing called an affiliate program. An easy way to sign up for an affiliate program is a service like ClickBank. ClickBank allows you to run a referral program or an affiliate program, which means that if you sell a $100 product from an introductory webinar, they will give anyone who refers people $50 for every $100 they earn. This means even if you don’t have any existing contacts, you have an affiliate program, tell these affiliates to promote your link to their email subscribers, social media followers and blog followers, you now have access to new leads, new prospects, make more sales than you would on your own.

Finally, you can use multiple sites to list your webinar. You may have heard of sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn. These are all social networking sites where you make friends, find friends of friends, and now they can see what you post on your wall and vice versa.

If you make a lot of real estate friends on Facebook and you are hosting a real estate webinar, you can post this link on your Facebook wall, you can set up a Facebook event, even run paid ads, and pay Facebook for people to click and register for this event.

Once the first few people register for your event, it’s important to remind them several times before the webinar to ensure they attend. That means keep posting on your social networking sites like Facebook, keep telling your affiliates to email, and send your own email to your own customers and prospects to make sure they show up.

Once the big day arrives, present for about an hour on your favorite topic, the topic that everyone is talking about. Solve some of your problems and present a paid product at the end: low cost or high cost. Record that webinar.

Now that you have a webinar recording, you can do two things.

First of all, if your webinar recording is really great, charge for it. If your webinar taught several things, lasted several hours, and got great results for people, there’s no problem charging $10, $50, $100 or more for a webinar recording because what is it? It’s a video. It’s a training video.

On the other hand, if you’d rather use your webinar recording to build a list, here’s something you can do. Place the webinar recording (the video) on a web page that has nothing more than a link to buy your product. Set up what’s called an “email subscription” page.

Create a squeeze page where there is nothing to do but enter a name and email address to continue. That way, when people visit your blog or website, they see a web page asking them to enter their name and email address in exchange for a free training video. They enter it, fill it out, and send it to your webinar recording. Even if they don’t buy right away, you’ve now built a bigger list of email subscribers.

This is how you use webinars to build a list before and after a webinar. Promote it through email, affiliates and social networks. Send reminders as a webinar comes up. Use that webinar to build a list by placing it behind a forced opt-in page and to upsell.

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